These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things... March 2015 Favourites

Friday 3 April 2015

I'm currently in the middle of moving and reorganising my beauty room. Since I've been going through some of my stash, I've found some great products that were hidden at the back of my cupboard.

Here's what I've been loving in March...  

My.Organics The Organic Restructuring Fluid Potion

This is an amazing hair oil that rivals that of bigger and more expensive brands.

I had about a quarter left and have been using this in March to finish it up as I have quite a lot of half used hair oils. 

It contains coconut, linseed, argan, avocado and sweet almond oil to hydrate and repair dry hair. This is a great styling oil as well as a treatment oil. It also has a beautiful scent. 

I've previously reviewed this here

Scandalous Fabulously Flirty Dry Shampoo

I've had this for a while but never used it as I haven't heard about it before. And now I wish that I had used it earlier!

It's a great lightweight dry shampoo that helps to remove oil from my scalp without making it feel heavy. 
If you have fine hair, then try this out!

ELEVEN Australia Keep My Colour Treatment Blonde*

What I love about this is the fact that it's a purple treatment, rather than a purple shampoo. 

It helps to both moisturise, gives my hair shine and also treats brassiness. It has an amazing smell too!

Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara

I like this tinted brow gel because it gives me a natural look. It's really easy to use too, even though the ball on the end of the wand looks strange.

If you love a strong brow, this would be a last step product as there's not enough colour to fill in sparse brows.

Max Factor Masterpiece Transform High Impact Mascara*

This is a wonderful mascara that helps to lengthen, define and thicken my lashes.

The only negative is that it starts to get thicker and clumpier 2-3 months after opening it, but it's also a good thing as it reminds you to throw it out once it's past its use-by date. 

Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose

Remember these!!

These little pots were HUGE a year or two ago and everyone had at least one in their beauty stash.

While cleaning out my draws, I found this and have been using it every day. They're inexpensive, moisturising and have great scents. 

The only thing I don't like about them is the fact that it's in a container and you have to use your hands (which is pretty gross). But they're a great lipbalm to have in my bathroom or at home, where I can wash my hands before using it. 

Models Prefer Mystique Soft Touch Blush in "Charisma"

Another product that I found when going through my draws.

This peachy pink blush is gorgeous as it helps to give me a gorgeous glow, especially as it's now Autumn here and my skin is freaking out with the post pregnancy hormones and the change in weather. 

It's a bit chalky, so I only use a very small amount and build up the colour, otherwise it will get everywhere.

Zk'in Brightening & Hydrating Masque*

This is an awesome face mask that smells like chocolate. It also has been much needed as my skin is going crazy and I'm breaking out like I'm a teenager again!

I ended up with mask of pregnancy (also known as chloasma or melasma gravidarum) so the brightening aspect of this mask is appreciated. 

I've been using this once or twice a week depending on how often I can do it.

ModelCo Replenishing Rose Mist Facial Mist

I really love this mist. It's a simple rose mist that feels refreshing and soothes any redness.

I use this both day or night as my toner, but you can also use this as a make up setting spray. 

La Roche-Posay Toleraine Dermo-Cleanser*

And lastly I found this half used bottle of cleanser while going through my stash. I love that it can be used wet or dry.

I've been using it as an eye make up remover as I find it easily and quickly removes my mascara. I like to use it after washing my face with a cleansing balm. 

I've previously reviewed this here

While this months favourites aren't anything groundbreaking or exciting, I've loved finding old products and falling in love with them again!

When was the last time that you did a clean out?
Amy, XO

*I was kindly sent this for consideration. All thoughts and views are completely my own, and are always 100% honest. See my disclosure policy here.

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  1. Great products you got here. No wonder why these are some of your favorites. I am eyeing on that Models Prefer Mystique Soft Touch Blush in Charisma. It seems like a good one to try out.