Pro's In the Know: With Vani-T's CEO and Creator, Tania Walsh

Sunday 13 March 2016

Last month I went to the Bloggers United AU Adelaide event. One of the brands that was there on the day was Vani-T. Vani-T is an Adelaide make up and tanning brand that was created by Tania Walsh in 2004. 

I was really drawn to the brand for 2 reasons. Firstly, it's an Adelaide company and I strongly believe in supporting local businesses. And also the products look amazing!!

The products are girly and glamourous, with a dash of luxury. Earlier this week I interviewed Tania. Here's what she had to say...

Tania Walsh, CEO and Creator of Vani-T

What was the inspiration behind creating Vani-T?

Vani-T was born out of the concept of what we call Eco Glamour. We wanted to produce a range of natural and organic based beauty products which were not only good for your skin and free from nasty chemicals, but also packaged beautifully so that women would be excited to carry them in their handbag or display on their bathroom vanity. We also use a blend of high performance indigenous Australian botanicals that epitomise the exotic nature of the Australian outback.

Erika Heynatz, Kandee Johnson, Sonia Kruger and Kylie and Danni Minogue are fans of your tanning products. What makes your tanning products stand out from other brands? 

I truly believe it’s the innovation of being the first beauty brand worldwide to manufacture safe natural and organic based tanning. I also believe the fusion of eco products, glamourous packaging, branding and imagery and high performance products to be the real reason behind our success.

Fake tanning at home can sometimes be difficult and messy. What are your top tips for creating the perfect tan (minus the streaks and patchy orange hands)? 

The perfect tan starts with preparation of the skin, so exfoliation with our tanning mitt is essential for creating a smooth base and remove any dead skin cells. A tanning mitt should always be used for application of any tanning product as it protects the hands from staining, and provides a perfectly smooth and even finish. We recommend applying to one area of the body at a time, and apply in circular motions to ensure an even tan. Only use product remnants on the gloves to gently buff and blend over drier areas of the body such as knees, elbows, hands and feet. Depending on the product used, you can wash off in as little as 1 hour or up to 4 hours for a deep, dark tan. Daily moisturising is essential to keep the tan looking its best.

Vani-T is all about eco glamour. What beauty looks make you feel glamorous? 

I love natural earthy tones, especially when its combined with a soft smokey brown eye, bronze accents and peachy lips. A red lip always makes me feel glamourous too, but my favourites are nude tones.

You have a wonderful range of loose mineral eyeshadows. What's the best way to apply the Mineral Colour Crystals without fallout ruining the rest of your make up?

We recommend holding a tissue under the eye to catch any fallout, and a pressing and blending application method. The pigments are also great if you use them wet as the colour really pops.

What are your favourite 3 products that you've created?

Now that’s a hard question. But if I had to pick only 3 I would have to say the Brazilian Bronze Tanning Mousse, Berry Parfait Cream Multi-Stick ( I use this on my eyes, lips and cheeks) and our Mineral Loose Powder Foundation in Sand.

. . .

I was kindly gifted some of Vani-T's beautiful products from the Bloggers United AU event, so keep an eye out for an upcoming post about their products. I agree with Tania's recommendation about the Cream Multi-Stick. I have "Ivory" which is a beautiful pearl highlighter. 

Find out more about Vani-T here. Keep an eye out on their FB page for specials as earlier this month they had a GWP of a free Bronzing Custard with a $50+ online purchase.

Will you be using Tania's tanning tips?
Amy, XO

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