Priceline 40% Off Cosmetics Haul + First Impressions

Sunday 10 April 2016

Priceline 40% Off Make Up Haul

Earlier this week Priceline had their giant 40% off make up sale, that they do twice a year. It's a huge event here in Australia and my Instagram and Facebook was filled with some amazing hauls.

My last post was my recommendations for the sale and today I wanted to post my haul from the sale. I also wanted to include my first impressions on some of the products.

We're just about to renovate our bathroom, so unlike previous sales I just bought a few items.

Here's what I bought...

Priceline 40% Off Make Up Haul Foundations

I picked up my beloved Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation. This would be my 5th or 6th bottle. I haven't purchased it in a while because the shade range is limited and the lightest shade is a little bit too dark. But now that I bought The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Lightening Drops (click to read my review), I thought that it would be great to go back to an old favourite.

I also picked up the new Maybelline Superstay 24hr Foundation. While the idea of wearing foundation for 24 hours creeps me out, I've used this twice and really like it. I wouldn't use it every day, but it would be a fantastic foundation to use when I need my make up to look flawless all day. I've applied it with my hands and with a beauty blender. I'd suggest using a sponge or brush, because when I applied it with my hands it was a massive pain to remove!! It's a light to medium coverage foundation.

This would be fantastic for someone with normal to oily skin. I did try this without applying a primer and it did stick to some dry patches, so if you have dry skin don't skip applying primer before using this. 

I also picked up the Maybelline Superstay 24hr Concealer. I haven't used it yet. I picked it up to help cover redness and uneven skintone. 

In my recommendations post I mentioned the Covergirl Outlast Stay Luminous Foundation, which I've been loving. When they released the foundation they also released the Outlast All-day Primer. After swatching it instore, I bought it to use with the foundation. It isn't a heavy silicone primer like most of the primers on the market. Instead it feels like a lightweight moisturiser. I've used it with the Covergirl foundation and the Maybelline Superstay foundation and it worked well with both of them. I'd recommend this for anyone that hates the feeling of heavy primers. 

Maybelline ColorBlur Orange You Glad

I already have 1 of the Maybelline Lip Studio Color Blur cream matte pencils and I picked up the Orange Ya Glad one at the sale. I love how easy these are to use and the colours are gorgeous. I wish that I picked up more colours!

I don't really use the blurring smudger at the end of pencil. For me I prefer clean, bold lip lines. 

Nude By Nature Brush Review

Recently Nude By Nature released a new brush line and they're a huge step up from the sets that they've previously released. These single brushes look and feel more luxe than their older brushes too. They're really soft and feel lovely on your skin. 

I already own the Contour Brush, Buffing Brush and the Concealer brush, so I picked up the Finishing Brush and the Angled Blush Brush. I was really happy that these were included in the sale as most brushes aren't included in the sale. 

And that was my haul. Did you pick up anything from the sale?
Amy, XO

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  1. I got the same shade of Color Blur in my haul! I really don't understand the point of the smudger? Seems like a fad (but I had to get it anyway) LOL.

  2. Nice picks, I am currently usng CG primer and I find it OK. Love to hear your thoughts on NBN brushes

  3. I really wanted to get the Bourjois foundation but the store I went to didn't stock it =( A nice little haul though!

    xo Kat @ Katness