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Thursday 1 December 2011

There are many different ways in which we can apply our make up. One of the quickest ways is with your hands. They are easily accessible and so simple to use. One of the down sides to using your hands are germs and bacteria. ALWAYS make sure you wash your hands before and after applying make up.

One of my favourite ways is with a sponge. I use two different types.

Now its completely about preference on which one you want to use. Wedges are usually really cheap. I normally buy them from Priceline, otherwise Gloss sells them too. The great thing with wedges are that depending on where you need to apply your foundation, you can use the flat sides for large areas like your forehead/cheeks/chin and the tips for around your nose and eyes. Because wedges come in packs, you can easily use two and alternate them so you have a clean one everyday. With these, you need to have a damp (but not wet) wedge to apply your make up. If you apply it to a dry one, you will just waste more foundation.

Beauty Blender
A professional make up artist came up with this little creation, so you know that it is good. Blending is the best way of creating a perfect base, and this bad boy will give you a professional finish. It was created without any edges, so you have a streak free finish. It really is foolproof and is great for people that haven't mastered a brush. 
If you are interested in this, just click on your country, and it comes with a list of where its available in store to buy.
You can also order online :) 

Foundation Brush
Now these give you an amazing finish, but there is an art to them. It's best to practice and find a technique that works for you. Many people recommend foundation brushes from MAC (brush 190), Napoleon, Sigma, The Body Shop and Eco Tools. There are synthetic brushes available for those of you who like to use animal friendly products.  

Heres a fantastic link that explains how to use a brush with liquid foundation

What tool do you use to apply your foundation?

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  1. i just use my hands for now, it helps warm up the product and blend it better, but i want to get my hands on a duo-fiber stippling brush for that "airbrushed" finished