Feeling Beautiful Even When You Are Sick

Friday 2 December 2011

Well friends, this week I've been unlucky enough to pick up a cold :( My body was a trooper and tried to fight it, but it lost the good fight. There's nothing worse than feeling (and looking sick) and still needing to look after your family and go to work. The world doesn't stop for you to spend the week in bed.

This post is dedicated to anyone who is sick, but doesn't want to look sick. I'm one of those beauty junkies that can't leave the house without make up on. I'm very superficial. I even put on make up to see the doctor! Most people want to look sick so the doctor believes them, but I want to look good. Did I mention that I'm superficial?

While I don't want to do a full make up routine when I'm sick, I do want to look presentable in public. Here are the things that I like to use to look normal.

Tinted Moisturiser or a BB Cream
These are great for when your complexion needs a bit of a boost. My skin goes a bit mental when I am sick, and I look even more pale than normal. I'm fair normally, but when I'm sick I look like Casper....while I might not be a ghost, I am pale and friendly like him! If you are prone to shininess, do a light dusting of powder.

If you havent heard about BB creams (Blemish Balm), they are similar to a TM, but on steroids. They were initially used by dermatologists to help laser surgery patients. They were created to help protect, soothe and refine highly sensitive skin while providing light coverage for post-laser scars, acne and other blemishes. They have been huge in Asia and recently have become a big deal here in Australia since Garnier released their BB cream.

Personally i like using a brown mascara, especially if im just lounging around the house, or if i am sick. I find that black can be harsh against my skin. Otherwise a clear mascara is fantastic as well, since it is still natural but just with a bit of a punch.

Lip balm
I'm a bit of a germaphobe, so whenever I have a cold I either have to buy a new lip balm, or I use an ear bud to get out the Carmex from the tub. If I didn't get enough on my lips, i use the other end of the bud to get more....i NEVER double dip. When sick, it's so important to try and limit spreading bacteria, which is why I like an ear bud over a lip brush as you can throw out the bud once you've used it once. Sometimes its nice to use a tinted balm to bring attention to those gorgeous lips, rather than your Rudolph nose.

Now this isnt always needed, more if you just need a bit of colour on your pretty little face.

So here I am after some rosehip oil to make my skin shine (in a good way), a mix of BB cream and TM, Carmex lip balm and brown mascara. Even though I feel like my head will explode at any minute, I hopefully look like I am hiding it well!

Do you prefer to go make up less when sick, or do you do a gorgeous smoky eye or bold lip to keep the focus off your red eyes or red nose?


  1. I leave the house without makeup on all the time, especially on days off, I am just a little bit lazy. I always wear it for work and going out.

    I hope you are feeling better! I struggle with sinusitis every 2-3 months so have gotten good at looking okay when I am sick. Super-annoying though but hopefully this is the last time you are sick this year x

  2. Thanks Ingrid. I've started to feel better, but now my daughter is sick :( Hopefully its the last cold for a long time. XO