Face Masks Part 1

Friday 2 December 2011

I love to spoil myself and get a facial, but as a stay at home mum I don't have the time or the money to spend on a pricey facial. Instead I either make a DIY mask or buy a cheap one that I can use at home.

Here are some of my favourite at home masks.

Biore Refine Self Heating Mask
I ALWAYS use these. They are perfect for the time poor. They only take a minute to work. Yes a whole 60 seconds. You put it onto your face and it starts to heat up with the contact of warm water. The great thing about this mask is you can feel it working. It helps to open your pores and its fantastic if you are having break outs. The pack comes with 8 masks, so it can last you anywhere between 3-8 weeks depending on how many times you use it. 

Lush 'Love Lettuce' Face Mask
Lush do the most amazing face masks. The great thing about them is that they contain natural ingredients and oils and no preservatives (besides natural preservatives). Its like buying a DIY mask that's already made for you. Its fantastic. On the downside, they last around 3 weeks. But if you use it twice a week, you will use it all up. My favourite is Love Lettuce. Its great for combination skin, and has ground almonds in it to exfoliate. 

Natio Face Mask
Natio have two great masks depending on your skin type. There is Ageless Hydrating mask for older skin that needs added moisture. It helps to smooth and firm your skin. Otherwise if you have oily skin there is the Clay and Plant Face Mask which helps to unclog and tighten pores. Clay is amazing for oily skin as it brings up oils and grime from the skin. They can also be used as a spot treatment if you have more hormonal pimples that are just on one part of the face. 

SKII Facial Treatment Mask
Now I know i said earlier in the post about cheap masks, but I had to add this in. Its not cheap but it is AMAZING. Its a 100% cotton mask that soaks skin with Pitera’ s fusion of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids. Its divine and great for a facial experience at home.

Stay tuned for part 2, where I talk about my favourite DIY masks


  1. The SKII masks are so divine but so expensive. They do deliver great results though x

  2. If only they were cheaper! I love them, but they are too expensive to use weekly. I do love the Biore ones. I've been using them weekly for the last 2 months. My skin has cleared up from them :)