Beauty Basket December 2011

Wednesday 21 December 2011

Well it's here!!!!! I'm so excited to bring you the latest beauty box that was just released. It is called Beauty Basket and unlike the other baskets, you actually could find out what was in the box BEFORE you signed up. Now I don't know if they will do that for each box, or if it was to try and entice people to sign up. But I loved the idea!! It was great knowing  what you would be getting, so you weren't disappointed. 

The first box is amazing in value. I signed up for a 3 month subscription to test it out. You can check it out and sign up here. With a 3 month subscription you also get a 12 month "Just Be" Magazine subscription (which comes out every 3 months).

So lets see the box..... or should i say basket

YES a cute little basket that you keep and can store items in. I LOVE this idea and hope they do it for every box. The wrapping is adorable and really sets them apart from the other boxes. While at the end of the day the contents of the box is the most important thing, presentation is also vital. With so many boxes available, if a company wants to stand out, presentation is the way to go.  

I love the way they present their information about the content. They include an A4 flyer with information on the item, its price and also an added tip by the Beauty Basket editor. 

Derma-Research Infusion RX (10ml + a bonus 10ml)
Now I've seen this in magazines, but never have used it. I'm not really worried about lines and wrinkles (at the moment) but am interested in how this works. It helps to tighten the skin and plump lines and wrinkles in just an hour. Its like botox in a box :) This is worth $69.00 by itself!

A'kin Kaolin Clay & Activated Carbon Express Purifying Facial Masque (75ml)
This masque is deep cleansing and absorbs excess oil. Its great for oilier skin or just apply to individual blemishes if you get more hormonal breakouts. You could use this if you also get blemishes on your back, neck or chest. This costs $19.95. 

This was actually the item that made me want to sign up. I LOVE A'kin products. They are amazing, great value and Australian made and owned. They have a fantastic rosehip oil I use religiously. I hope there is an A'kin product in every basket! hahahaha :) 

Elizabeth Arden Prevage Day Intensive Anti-Aging Moisture Cream & Anti-Aging Night Cream
These sample sizes are 7ml but will last you between 2-4 weeks depending on how much you use and if you put it on your neck and chest (which you should!!). The good thing about these samples is that even though they are small you only need a very small amount. And because we got a day and a night cream, it will last twice as long than getting a cream you use twice a day!  These work best together and will help to reduce wrinkles, minimize pores and improve skins appearance. It has on the label to use for 3 days on your wrist or elbow first to test before applying to your face, in case of a skin reaction.  I think this is so important to do. Any creams with highly potent ingredients should always be trialed on your body before your skin for at least a day.

Imperial Leather Foamburst in Moisture Delight (75gm)
This turns from a gel into a creamy lather that is great for dry skin since it moisturises it. Its a passion flower and Jojoba scent that is soft but fruity and floral at the same time. This bottle holds enough for 15 washes and is great for going away or for the gym. 

Narcisco Rodriguez For Her Eau de Toilette (1ml)
And finally there is a small perfume from Narcisco Rodriguez. I've never used their perfumes before and this one is quite a deep smell when you first apply it. You can straight away smell musky and wooden notes. After a few minutes you then smell a more floral scent. I normally use more fruity or sweet perfumes, but this one would be perfect for night time. 

And I was sent the latest edition of "Just Be" Magazine.

What do you think? Did anyone else get a basket? 

I am really impressed. I like that they have anti aging things, but also include the A'kin masque for younger skin. And you can't go past the presentation! I can't wait to see whats in the next basket.



  1. This sounds great, I'm hoping mine will be there when I get home!
    I was going to sign up for the magazine but i registered before they had announced any brands so didn't want to risk it! Great post x

  2. I didn't sign up and this box looks nice but the only thing I would use would be the Akin masque. I adore their products but I can't justify subscribing to too many boxes x

  3. I nominated you for the liebster blog award! Your blog is great, I can tell you put lots of time into your posts :)
    Merry christmas

  4. Thank you Sarah that's so sweet! :) It really makes me happy that you love the blog. It makes all the effort worth it! XO

  5. Ingrid, i have signed up to too many hehehe. I'll wait until after Feb and dump two. I was going to do it after Jan, but with LHI not having a box then I didn't want to make my mind up without seeing what direction they take in the new year. XO

  6. Another one, eeek! I will be poor, but at least beautiful haha!

  7. You may have just convinced me to sign up to this! ;) haha xx

  8. Hi, i am just curious if you have had any problems with Beauty Basket?. I joined on & paid 1 month in full on the 12 of January with their promise that i had joined with enough time to receive their December box.I contacted them on the 18th of January wanting to know when my December box would arrive and was told i would have it within the week..Many unanswered e-mails later and today is the 2nd February and i have NOT received my box nor am i any closer to knowing when or if i will get it because i cant seem to get anyone from Beauty Basket to answer any of me emails. Needless to say i am totally discussed with Beauty Basket's lack of customer service. If you or anyone else has has a problem with them please let me know as i believe future subscribers need to know about this..i wish i had known! Thanks,Narelle Ellis.

  9. Ohhh no, that's terrible. I have never had any issues with them. I haven't actually heard any negative feeback about them at all. Hope you hear back from them soon.
    Email nadia as she is in charge
    Let me know how it goes XO