Beauty Etiquette

Wednesday 21 December 2011

It's really easy to complain about bad customer service, but sometimes we need to remember as customers to be more polite.

Here are some important beauty etiquette rules you should always follow. 

Make sure you are early for your appointment, or call ahead to let them know you are running late
Just like you shouldn't be made to wait for a long time, you should never turn up late without letting them know first. If you turn up late without notifying them, you could potentially lose your appointment. If you are late, always apologise. The last thing you want to do is annoy someone with hot wax!!!

Don't go to a make up counter with the intention of a free make over
This is really disrespectful and wastes time for the staff. Its perfectly fine to be interested in a foundation then have them try it on you and not like the colour/finish/look/feel of it and not buy. But asking about 20 products and not buying one is rude, if you go in KNOWING you aren't going to buy anything and just want your make up done for a night out for free. Many make up counters will offer applications of products other than your original interested product, but don't always count on it. 

If you are unhappy, speak up...BUT be polite about it
Whether you are unhappy with your hair, make up, wax or nails ALWAYS speak up. Businesses want a repeat customer and are always happy to fix up any issues you have. But try and be polite as possible. Saying it is ugly or hideous will hurt the persons feelings. Or just being rude to them will not make them want to help you out and make you leave feeling happy.

If you need to answer the phone, try and be as quick as possible
Having a customer on the phone when you try and help them is rude and impossible. This is especially important at the end of the transaction. The staff will normally advise you on after care and you dont want to miss out on their valuable information. It is frustrating to try and get payment or arrange a new appointment from someone on the phone too!  

Read the fine print
Whether you are buying a product or a service, make sure you know your rights. If you buy a package deal, make sure if you need a toner you ask if it is in the special BEFORE you get it. Otherwise you will be shocked when they say its an extra $20. If you buy 10 treatments, make sure you know when they expire. Other places may have 20% off on Tuesdays, but it may exclude things like treatments or hair extensions. You lose your rights to complain if you didn't read the fine print. If there is no fine print and staff didn't quote you on a service, then politely fight extra charges or conditions.

Don't show up 3 minutes before closing
The only exception to this rule is if you know EXACTLY what you want and it will take a minute to find and buy. Many companies don't pay their staff once the doors close, so if you are taking 15 minutes, it means the staff will be leaving late without pay. Unless you are planning to spend a lot, it will just annoy the staff and you most likely will get bad service. Closing up at the end of the day can be time consuming with paperwork, and staying back 45 minutes while you look around and only spend $5 is frustrating.  

They're an expert, so use their knowledge...but if they do something wrong speak up
If you are asking about an eyeliner, ask them helpful tips on how to apply it correctly/store it/what colours suit your complexion. Ask lots of questions. There's no point in buying something you cant use yourself at home. If they do something dodgy, like not using a clean mascara applicator, speak up. The last thing you want are germs and bacteria as a gift with purchase!

Do you agree with them? Are you guilty of  breaking any of them? XO

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