Lust Have It December 2011

Tuesday 13 December 2011

Hi everyone! Today I received the December pack from Lust Have It. The great news is, it has a item for everyone! From hair to eyes, face and body...  it will have you looking good and smelling beautiful.

They said they saved the best for last .... do you agree?

Lash Republican False Eyelashes in "Wonder Woman"
I love these! They are great for the party season. They are quite natural and perfect for learning how to apply falsies before trying extravagant lashes. It also comes with a mini glue to apply your lashes. Now there are no instructions with it, but there is a video on YouTube on how to apply them. You can go here to watch it.

LimeLily Cosmetics Waterproof Long Lasting Eye Pencil in "Jet"
Keeping with the eye theme, you can then use this to either define your eyes or do a gorgeous smokey eye. Now I'm normally not a fan of black eyeliner (on me. I love it on other people!) but this isn't overpowering. It looks more charcoal grey than a heavy black. Its really smooth and so easy to use. Keep it in the fridge before use for best results. Another thing I love about this is that is is free of parabens and they dont test on animals. 

Kosmea Purifying Cream Cleanser
This brand is made in Australia and includes Australian avocado oil and organic rose hip oil. Rose hip is amazing for your skin and I love that this includes it. It is a cream cleanser that gently removes make up and grime. It is perfect for all skin types, even sensitive. 
I'm really excited to use this, but will wait until Winter to use this. I normally use the SK-ll cream cleanser but have found it is making me break out. So while the weather is warmer, I've changed to a gel cleanser to try and limit breakouts. So this will have to wait until next year :(

Evo "The Great Hydrator Moisture Mask"
I'm always excited to try out new hair masks. This one will help to calm frizzy hair, moisturise and make your hair more manageable. Evo is only sold in salons, and I haven't seen them available in my local one, so I can't wait to try this. I'll be trying it in the next day or two, as I just washed my hair yesterday :(

Glasshouse Fragrances "Gardenia Fragrant Body Bar"
This smells AMAZING!!! Its (almost) too good to use. I love the smell of gardenia. Its so girly, fresh and beautiful. I wish that you could smell it!!! Sadly Glasshouse products aren't available online, but I saw that Peter Alexander sells them (no wonder their stores always smell so good!). Check out their range here

Moxie Tampons
These were an added bonus and are one of LHI's newest brands. 

So what did you think of the box? Are you a fan?

A Merry Christmas goodie from LHI

I really loved this months box! It had a good collection of different things and there is nothing in here that I've tried before. 

LHI are selling a limited edition xmas box if you are interested in giving one to a friend. Check out their website for details here


  1. This box is great! I've always wanted to try false lashes but, the few times I've tried, have never been able to apply them. May be time to learn?

  2. Hi
    Do you find these boxes good value? What size are the products?
    Which is better out of Lust Have It and Bellabox?

  3. Hi Essie. I really do love them and think they are great value for money. Most of the box values are at least $60. If you are interested in signing up to one, have a look at the brands they have. It really depends on what type of products you want.

    Lisa over at The Beate Buzz has done all the work for you and lists what brands are with what box.

    If you have a look at the websites, you can see previous boxes and see if you would be happy to pay for them. Definitely try one out for a month or two. You'll be hooked!!! :)

    Let me know if you decide to sign up for one. XO

  4. Emma - Have you signed up to any of the boxes yet? I know you were waiting to see what the first ones were like. And which brand was best.

    I'm actually thinking of going to Napoleon and getting some fake lashes on, and see how the pros do it. Then try with my set. I'm not the most coordinated person so it will be good to have someone try it out first :) That way I wont waste my pair when I try to put them on myself!

  5. Hi i see you signing up to a lot of different beauty boxes, which one would you say is the best one?

  6. Hi Rebecca

    Personally I think Bellabox is the best. They always have 1 make up item (we have gotten a lip stick, concealer, lip tar and full size nail polish over the last few boxes) and their service is great. Some of the other brands have not so great customer service.

    I would go on their facebook pages, and see what other people are saying too. While whats in the box is important, if you live in WA or in a remote part of OZ, some have had many issues with their delivery of the box. Otherwise wait until the end of this month so you can see what people got in the box and if it is something you would want/pay for.