The ABCs of me...

Friday 13 January 2012

I saw this on another bloggers site and thought it was such a great idea. You can read Rachel's ABCs here. It is just a great way for people to get to know you better. 

So here are my ABCs....

A: Age- 27
B: Bed size- Queen
C: Chore you hate- Ironing. It is the most boring chore in the world. I try not to ever do it! Luckily hubby is great at it J
D: Day- Saturday or Sunday when I get to spend time with my family
E: Essential start to your day- A smile from my daughter
F: Favourite colour- Pink. And I love turquoise too
G: Gold or silver- Silver
H: Height- 165cm
I: Instruments- Nothing. I am terrible at them all
J: Job title- Stay at home mum
K: Kids- My nearly 10 month old Adeline
L: Live- Sydney, but originally from Adelaide
M: Mum's name- Linda
N: Nickname- Lamey
O: Overnight hospital stay- 6 nights when I had my daughter. I never wanted to leave as they did all the cooking and I just relaxed in bed ;)
P: Pet peeve- People being late. It drives me insane especially if they don’t call or SMS
Q: Quote from a movie-  I don’t have one
R: Right or left handed- Right
S: Siblings- None
T: Time you wake up- Whenever my daughter does
U: Underwear- Never matches my bra. For some odd reason I like miss matched sets
V: Vegetables you dislike- Celery
W: What makes you run late- My daughter. Whenever I need to be somewhere at a certain time, she always seems to have an epic 3 hour sleep
X: X-rays you've had- My leg when I was about 5 and broke it
Y: Yummy food you make- Healthy pizzas on pita bread and quiche
Z: Zoo- Once of my favourite places to go! It holds a special place in my heart as my first date with my hubby was at a zoo, and he proposed at a zoo too. 

So what are your ABCs? Feel free to either post them below, or link me to yours if you have a blog.


  1. oh this pictures are adorable! You have a gorgeous little girl! hehe xx

  2. Aww Gurlies this is such a great way to get to know each-other better What a great idea it is too..I definitely am thinking of doing one ASAP..Thank-you both of you for posting these on your Blogs..I really enjoyed reading them:)!Beauty in a Bottle I agree with Rachii too.. your little gurl is adorable:)! xx

    Check out my Blog..When you have a chance..Thank-you❤:-

    Love Pixie xx

  3. here is the link to my AbC of me now :)! ❤ Hope you enjoy it xx

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  5. Here are my ABC's
    Just followed you, please follow back :)

  6. This is beautiful! Your daughter is gorgeous and so is her name!

    I will do this on my blog too, so much fun xx

  7. I cant wait to see your answers on your blog Ingrid :)