The Right Way To Pop A Pimple

Friday 13 January 2012

We all know how bad it is to pick at pimples. It can cause scaring, make the pimple last longer and cause more breakouts around the area due to bacteria. But anyone that has had a massive one that looks like a crater on their face knows it's hard to leave alone. 

So here is a nicer way to get rid of the gross head of the pimple without causing too much damage. Just remember to only do it on white heads. 

Start by washing your hands, and make sure it is with anti bacterial gel. The best ones to use are from the automatic dispensers since you don't have to touch the pump or lid. 

Make sure you clean your skin, regardless of if you have make up on or not. Even if you don't have make up on you will still have dead skin, sweat and natural oils on your sin. If you are able to, steam your skin. If you can't, you can also put a warm cotton pad onto the spot for a minute to make the pimple extraction easier. 

Wear gloves to make sure you don't dig your nails into the skin. There is lots of bacteria under your nails, and you don't want to get them near your pimple! Also put a tissue around each index finger. 

First stretch the skin away from the pimple gently to see if the pimple pops. If it does, wipe it with the tissues on your fingers then dispose of the tissues. If you want you can stop there, but if you need another squeeze you need to put another tissue around each index finger and this time push the skin around the pimple together. 

Either follow up with a clay mask on the pimple, or a toner to keep the area clean from bacteria. I like Witches Hazel since it is an anti bacterial. Follow up with a pimple treatment gel onto the spot. 

Try not to push too many times. If you have pushed twice and it isn't budging leave the pimple alone! Don't keep pushing or your will break the skin and cause scarring and damage.

What are your tips on popping a pimple without damage?


  1. Nice tips there. I use one of those blackhead extractor thingy's from priceline to poke a hole in it first. I first wash the device with hot water and dip it in toner then poke it with the sharp metal end. I only use the scoop end of blackheads. Then with freshly clean hands I use a cotton ball and my fingers to squeeze it out. Then I use a witch hazel toner with a cotton pad and hold it there as it's cooling and antibacterial. This is all kinda grose but I think it looks bad leaving a huge pimple on my face for everyone to see. I rarely get them anymore thanks to the pill!

  2. Ohhh I've seen them but never used them. Just the thought of poking it makes me skirm. Maybe I should just get over it and try one out!

  3. My skin has been so great since I came back from holidays but I can feel a pimple coming on my chin. Luckily I have a facial booked for tomorrow so I'll let the experts deal with it xx