Bellabox January 2012

Monday 16 January 2012

  This morning I had the January box of Bellabox delivered. I always love getting Bellabox because they bring me completely new things to try. This box is no exception, since I haven't used anything from the brands before. I had actually only heard of one brand.

So whats in the box?

This box is full of natural products, which I love. Firstly we have ....

Laviol Organic "Bearberry Brightening Moisturiser" (10ml)
I always love brightening products since I have uneven skin tone on my face. This is made in Australia and helps to reduce signs of dullness and discolouration. It is a really cute size that's great for travelling. I'll use this in a week or two since I have just started trialing a new skincare product, and I hate trying a few things at one time. I prefer to use one new thing just in case my skin reacts. Otherwise I won't know which product caused the reaction.

Pangea Organics Lip Balm (7gm)
My flavour was Italian Red Mandarin With Rose. It helps to soothe, protect and hydrate. Even though I got a lip balm in I love This Box, i am still excited to get another one...a girl can never have too many lip glosses (or bags!). This is another organic product.  These retail for $17.95. 

Sparoma Peppermint and Organic Honey Natural Balm (10gm)
It is VERY peppermenty! I probably wouldn't use this in the day or I might make people think I bathe in toothpaste, but it will be a good night product. I might try these on my feet as a night moisturiser. They come in 4 other flavours - rose, lavender, jasmine and lemon. I probably would have liked the jasmine more since at night I use the Jurlique Jasmine body lotion. Depending on how well this works, I may just buy the jasmine one from the Bellabox website. They are only $14.95. If you didn't get one of these, you would have gotten either a candle or roll on deodorant. 

La Perla Parfume samples (1.5ml x 2)
I got one of the "J'aime" fragrance which is a beautiful fruity and floral scent. It is definitely something I would wear. The other sample I got is "J'aime La Nuit." When I first sprayed this it was overpowering and I did not like it. But after about 15 minutes it settled down and it is actually quite beautiful. It is more of a woody scent with a little bit of floral in there. As much as I like the samples, I was a bit confused since everything else in the box is natural, it seemed a bit odd to include perfume from a company I wouldn't associate with being natural or organic. But I'm not complaining since they are beautiful samples. 

Soleo Organics "All Natural Sunscreen" (3gm x2)
I am really excited to try this out. It contains no synthetic preservatives and protects from UVA and UVB rays. It lasts 3 hours in water and is SPF30+. It is for any ages, and I will try it on my daughter since her sunscreen gives her a slight rash (but only does this sometimes?!!!).

Herban Essentials Towelettes sample
This is just a lemon towelette which is an antibacterial. It is a bit of an odd one to put in a beauty box, but will be handy for me to use when my daughter eats her lunch today. 

First Aid Beauty "Ultra Repair Cream" sample (5.7gms)
This is for itchy and dry skin. It is suitable for the face and body and  is a great antioxidant booster. It is allergy tested and is fragrance free. I will probably use it on my body instead of on my face.

Qi Tea, "Detox" and Ginkgo" samples (1.6gm) x 2
The detox tea has peppermint, ginger and citrus, while the Ginkgo tea has ginko with vanilla. I'm not a big tea drinker, but am looking forward to trying the Detox tea.

Overall I liked the box and how the majority of it was natural and organic. It is great getting to dry new products. It probably wasn't my favourite out of their boxes (I mean how can you top the box with the OCC Lip Tar??) but I like how BB continues to bring us new and different products.

Did you like your BB box? If you got the candle, let me know what it is like...I love candles! Or if you got the Jasmine candle/balm let me know if you liked the smell.


  1. My 2yo son gets a similar reaction to sunscreen as your daughter but just on his face. He seems fine with some kids sunscreens but not others and has reacted to most adult sunscreens. The first time it happened, he ended up with really red cheeks and i thought he'd gotten burnt which was strange as i had smothered him in sunscreen and it was just his face that reacted...when it happened again a week later i clicked what was going on. So I will be very interested to see how this one goes on your daughter. I am currently using the Nivea toddler sunscreen on my son and he hasnt reacted to that...but then it is hardly natural...

  2. I got the same box today ... this was my first Bellabox and I was expecting something more fantastic considering how everyone raves about it. Maybe next month I'll get that "Wow" I'm looking for :)

  3. Sarah K - its so odd as she will only get a rash sometimes. She is usually fine if we apply it before we go out, but if i apply it in the sun she gets a reaction. I think its a banana boat kids one she has. I prefer to use natural products on her, but if there is something non natural that works, then I will use that instead, if it is better.

    Sarah C - Ohh no. Hopefully next month will be amazing as usual. I think it was just because there was no make up it didn't seem as amazing as usual. I hope you still enjoy it anyway! :)

  4. Uh Oh, I couldn't help looking at this post, I'm still waiting for mine! I'm looking forward to trying out them all, I'm starting to lean towards organic now after the shampoo and conditioner from the December Ilovethisbox!

  5. Oh I didn't get that moisturiser, I got a hand cream instead. Nice big 75ml size, but I'd have preferred the spray. I also got the candle and as much as I like candles, would have rather had the balm or deodorant. Oh well, I'm still pretty happy with this box. Big tea fan so can't wait to try those!

  6. Got my box today, yay! I actually got some variance in mine, I'm pleased though. Bella Box are my fave out fo the lot I think!

  7. Nice blog. I just got my first Bella box the other day! Which box is your favourite?

  8. I'm glad you like the blog Silverandblush :) Did you like your bellabox? My favourite at the moment is I love this box. It used to be Bellabox, but their last 2 boxes hasn't been as amazing as previous boxes XO