Rave: Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Balm

Sunday 15 January 2012

 How cute are these!!!! The packaging is oh so cute and it comes with its own little brush that sits in the lid.  I really love the brush and wished more pots came with a small built in brush. I really hate pot lip balms due to the fact of putting your fingers in just creeps me out. And fiddling in your bag to find a lip brush is annoying when you are out. So this is perfect for anyone like me who hates pots. 

I own the Pink Crystal and Peach Crystal. I took pictures of the Pink Crystal so you can see how pretty and glossy it is.

Bottom lip with the balm, top lip without

I had read reviews on them saying that even though the colours look quite bright in the little pots, they go on quite sheer. I didn't find this at all. I was quite surprised how intense the colour was, considering it is a lip balm.

It has an almost watermelon taste, but it doesn't last for long. But the balm lasted for ages. I applied it about 10.30am and didn't need to reapply until nearly 3pm. So it definitely has staying power. 

I am planning on reusing the pots once I have finished it, since they are too cute to just throw out. 

It contains SPF15, which is always nice. 

The one thing it lacked was a mirror! It would have been perfect then. 

Sadly these are limited edition, so if you see them buy one just so you can what it is like. Have a look here to see the clear (which looks blue in the pot) and the peach. 

Has anyone else tried one?


  1. Omigosh it looks so amazing, and such a pretty colour! What are the prices like? xx

  2. I got mine at chemist warehouse and they were about $14 or $15. They are harder to find now since they were a limited edition. I know Priceline had them before xmas too. XO

  3. I got one of these last year but hate it! I mean the little brush is kinda cute but it isn't a very nice lip balm or gloss. doesn't feel good in my opinion. I'm going to scoop it out and put a lipstick or something in it.

  4. That is really cute but I don't think it will suit me half as well as it suits you!

    You look lovely!

  5. ohhh no Swooping Buzzards :( Definitely reuse the tub. Its too cute not too.

    Thanks MM :) I am so glad you are back blogging. I missed your posts :) XO