Coloured Eyeliner

Thursday 19 January 2012

This post is for Jessiegirl. She asked "What are some good ideas on how to wear violet eyeliner?"

Eyeliners are fantastic to help make your eyes POP! It can also make a simple eye shadow look more interesting and new.

Most people tend to stick to more neutral tones like...

Most people use black liner. It is a staple because it looks great with black lashes and is the colour to do a winged eye with. If you are quite pale it can sometimes seem too dark. If your eyes are small, black will just make them look even smaller.

Browns are much more softer. They are great if you are pale, or have small eyes. I love brown for an everyday look. It can look so nice if you are doing a bronze smokey eye, or like to wear brown mascara.

White helps to open up your eyes. Sometimes you can get away with just a thin line on the lash line with a neutral shadow + mascara. Lining your bottom lash line is great for opening them up. And because white goes with any colour, you can go crazy with the rest of your eyes. 

But if you want to experiment with colour, there are certain colours that work better with your eye colour. 

Blue eyes suit browns, bronze, taupe, grey, purple and blue liner.
Brown eyes suit champagne, copper, bronze, khaki and beige liner.
Green and Hazel eyes suit purple, bronze brown and gold liner.

And the good news is that charcoal, silver and navy suit everyone.

You can even do two bright tones. But this is not a wallflower look. If you have a bright personality, you can pull this off. 

If you have never used a bright eyeliner before, start off subtle. Just line the top lash line with a fine line. Do your eye make up first to see if you need bronzer/blush/lipstick. Sometimes a bright colour can make you feel like you are wearing a lot of make up, so you want to keep the rest of your face neutral until you feel comfortable with the bright eyeliner. As you feel more comfortable you can make the line thicker and also line your lower lash line. If you have small eyes, try using lighter colours or you will make your eyes appear even smaller.

If you are lining inside the lid (or waterline as some beauty buffs call it), make sure you buy a long lasting and waterproof one. Lining the inside it great for a subtle look also. But I would stay away from this if you have sensitive eyes. 

Whether you decide to stick with a similar eye shadow or a contrasting one is completely up to you. It really depends on how confident you feel with bright eyes. But the colour combinations are endless!

Are you a fan of coloured eyeliner?


  1. I love brown and black for just above my lashes. I like to use mauve for the bottom sometimes. I have tried bright green and bright purple above my lashes but to be honest I prefer black and brown. White I sometimes use on the waterline.

  2. Black magic did you try it today? If so, which colour.

    I did a silver liner today with a plum eye shadow. Very different from my usual brown smokey eye.

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  4. How funny, I just did violet eyeliner today and I'm in the middle of writing a blog post on it! Great minds think alike! :)

  5. WOW - How special do I feel!! Thank you for your post - I'm trying the purple eye-liner tomorrow so thanks for the tips! And I have green eyes so I'm glad I got the purple! xo

  6. I got the white in my Ilovethisbox, want to use it to its best advantage!

  7. MM - I loved your post! You're a pro at eyeliner. The line was so smooth.
    Jessiegirl - Thats ok! :) I hope it was helpful.
    Jimmi lou-I haven't used white liner in ages, but will do it again. It makes such a difference to your eyes :)

  8. I love this post of yours. Very informative. Thanks for dropping by my blog! Oh, my cousin who lives in Australia said the same thing about not having a Sephora over there.