Super Hair Haul

Thursday 19 January 2012

Yesterday I found the bargain of the century!! I was at my local shopping center and passed "Oz Hair" and they had a huge special on brands such as "Sexy Hair," "Schwarzkopf" and "Phyto Organics."

Here is what I got....

Sexy Hair "Chocolate Soy Milk" Shampoo and Conditioner (Was originally $22.00 each)
OMG this smells DELICIOUS! I felt like I am at the "Lindt" chocolate factory when I smell it. Its so so chocolious! It is sulfate free and safe for coloured hair. It is apart of their "Healthy Sexy Hair" range.

Sexy Hair "Strengthening" Shampoo and Conditioner (was originally $22.00 each)
This is apart of their "Strong Sexy Hair" range. It helps to improve the strength of your hair, which is prefect for me since bleaching my hair has made it prone to breakage. It has a gorgeous sweet and fruity smell.

Sexy Hair "Pumpkin Rehydrating" Shampoo and Conditioner ( was originally $31.50 for the shampoo and $33.50 for the conditioner)
This is apart of their "Healthy Sexy Hair" range. It smells almost spicy. It isn't as nice as the chocolate or fruity smell, but hopefully it will make my hair nice and soft and smooth.. Pumpkins are great since they have natural antioxidants and enzymes. If you haven't tried a pumpkin facial before, you are missing out on an amazing DIY mask. Here is the recipe.

Sexy Hair "Pumpkin Enzyme Therapy Mist" (normally $26.95)
I LOVE leave in conditioners, especially mists/spray. Because it has pumpkin in it, it is great for your hair. You can either use it as a light conditioner on oily or fine hair, or (after conditioning) onto dry hair if you have really dry and damaged hair. It is apart of the "Healthy Sexy Hair" range.

Sexy Hair "Plaster" (I'm not sure how much this normally is)
I bought this for my hubby since it makes me feel not so guilty for spending lots of money on only me ;) It is a shaping balm that is a strong hold. You can apply it to either damp or dry hair and it supposed to hold all day.

Sexy Hair "Curling Detangler" (normally $27.95)
This is a leave in conditioner and detangler that is for curly hair. It is moisturising but not heavy, so it won't weigh hair down. It also contains protein to help the condition of your hair.

Schwarzkopf "Seah Hairspa Blossom Masque" (normally $34.95)
This is a mask for coloured hair. The tub says that it is for daily luxury. I haven't used this range before.

Schwarzkopf "Seah Hairspa Pearl Masque" (it didn't have a price, but I'm guessing it is also $34.95)
This is for "sophisticated hair," whatever that means! It helps to put moisture back into hair and make it shine.

Phyto Organics Resilient Alcohol Free Finishing Spray (normally $39.95)
This is from the brand Nexus. It is a holding spray that is natural. They don't test on animals or use animal products. It also includes ingredients to help nourish and protect from UV rays and heat styling. 

How much do you think I paid for these 12 items? For over $300 I just paid $36!!! How incredible is that! These are all salon brands so they are definitely good quality. I think they are just trying to get rid of them because they have been discontinued. (I couldn't see the Sexy Hair products on their website). 

Have you used any of these? Whats been your biggest bargain?

PS I'll update a picture later. 


  1. Thanks Jessa. I love your blog!

    I loved your review on the Maybelline Bouncy Blush. We don't have it here in Australia and I cant wait until we do! It looks so cool. XO