Glossybox January 2012

Wednesday 25 January 2012

Well, this is quite late compared to most of the other bloggers, but I just received my box this morning. What is different is 2 of the contents. So read ahead for something new....

Nivea "Rich Nourishing Body Moisturiser" (30ml)
It is for dry skin and is one of Nivea's best selling moisturisers for the body. It contains almond oil and vitamin E to mositurise the skin. The size is very cute and I'll probably use it in my handbag as a hand moisturiser and just refill the bottle.

I actually have a full bottle of this under my bathroom sink, and I really don't like it (which is why it is hardly used and is hidden under the sink). It's the moisturiser I use when I am desperate and don't have another one. I have found it is really greasy, but after an hour or so my skin feels dry again. I find all Nivea moisturisers feel this way on my skin, so I've never been a fan of them. But it is a huge seller, so it works great for others!

Sheer Cover "Nourishing Moisturiser" (30ml)
I have never tried Sheer Cover, but have seen their commercials on TV a lot. It contains SPF 15 and is oil free. I normally don't like trying new moisturisers but am excited to try this! I like that it is oil free, so hopefully I won't have a reaction, like I can get with some skincare.

Sheer Cover "Pink Praline"Lip Gloss (2.69gm)
This is probably my most favourite thing in the box. I love lip glosses, and my colour is a gorgeous pink called "Pink Praline." They help moisturise your lips and add some colour. This is a full size product that is normally $19.95.

Sally Hansen ""Petal Pusher Insta-Dri Fast Nail Colour" (9.17ml)
This is another full size product, that is $13.95. It is a gorgeous pale pink that is perfect for a "nude" look or to do a french manicure. I really like Sally Hansen polishes, so I can't wait to try this, as I haven't tried any polishes from the Insta-Dri range ( I normally get the Hard as Nails Polishes).

Estee Lauder "Advanced Night Repair Synchronised Recovery Complex" (7ml)
This is more of a deluxe sample size. I don't actually use anything from EL. It is a serum that helps to diminish the signs of aging. It helps promote smoother and healthier looking skin. I am not a huge fan of trying new serums, as I have had some shocking reactions to them in the past. I love "Ultraceuticals Eventone Serum" and will just stick with that.

I thought it was a good box, and am looking forward to using the Sheer Cover products and also the Sally Hansen Nail Polish. I like that there was a bit of everything in the box. Some make up, skincare and nails. 

Now there were two things I had an issue with this month. It took 7 business days to get my box. I live in Sydney, so it wasn't like it had to go far. There are quite a few people that are still waiting for their box and they live interstate. Considering it is a public holiday tomorrow, they will have to wait a few more days. I saw a few people on Facebook were bagging Australia Post, but I think it is unfair. I ordered something from Willow Wellness on Sunday afternoon (the 22nd Jan) and it was delivered today (Wednesday 25th Jan) by Australia post. It wasn't even express post, and it also came from Sydney. Australia Post are fantastic! And my postman is AWESOME, so I just wanted to defend them because they do great work. I saw on YouTube that a girl got sent a free GB box to do a review on, and she had hers before myself and a lot of other people that PAY to get the box. I think if they want to send out free boxes, that is fine, but maybe send it out AFTER your customers have their box.

My second issue was that they decided to personalise their boxes this month. I LOVE that they did, but found the way they personalised it wasn't the best. Anyone 26 and over got the box I did. We were given the EL anti aging sample because GB consider us "older." Now, I personally am not interested in anti aging. In my beauty profile I specifically DID NOT pick anti aging as a skin concern so I wouldn't get anti aging products. But because they chose age instead of skin concern, I got the sample. Now I love the idea of personlised boxes, but age isn't a good choice. I'm sure there were 22 year olds that would have loved the anti aging sample. But hopefully in the future age won't be considered a "profile." I would hate to miss out on a cool "trendy" product because I am "older." This grandma likes what the cool kids like too! ;)

So overall I am happy with my box! I am sad I missed out on the blue eyeliner (which looked soooooo cool) but the box was great value for $15. I am excited to see what is instore for next month since it is Valentines Day.

All the advertising that came in the box
Did you like your box?


  1. interesting. i got the younger box (you know, being all of 25), so i got the eyeliner and the kosmea exfoliant, but GB admin clearly states on the facebook site

    "Everyone has received a Mirenesse Tight Liner in blue , its a fantastic product which is incredibly flattering on any skin tone and eye colour. We hope you do give it a try as we think you will be actually pleasantly surprised. We love wearing it as it is subtle on and makes your eyes pop."

  2. I agree about the Nivea moisturisers - never been a massive fan, and the anti-ageing products are such a cop-out!
    The lip gloss and Sally Hansen are fab products, though - I think it's always going to be worth the money as there's bound to be a couple of things you'll like.

  3. Man, I'd be bummed if I don't receive the liner, it was the one thing I was keen to try!! Like Livvie, I was led to believe all subscribers would be receiving one!!

    I also agree with what you said about AustPost, I think there's more to this story that we haven't been told. :|

  4. Still waiting for my box I live in Canberra... i dont know why its taking so long!!!

    1. Nay, i'm in canberra, and it came today (express posted)

  5. Livvie I thought the same thing. Either they mean that every box should have it or that everyone got the blue clour. I was a bit disappointed I didn't get it. I was expecting to miss out on the SC products instead because I got the EL sample and nail polish.

    Hannah, you are right. Every box is worth the amount we pay for. Just some are better suited to you than others. I have to admit I'm not big skincare fan, so any box that was purely skincare would disappoint me. But a all make up box is perfect for me!

    MM - I hope you get your box today! Hopefully Aus Post are on their way to you right now :) I feel bad that Glossys FB users are saying bad things about AP as 90% of the time I never have issues with them. I just wanted to stick up for them as my postman and my delivery guy are fantastic.

  6. Ohhh Nay - hopefully it comes this afternoon! :)

  7. I would have liked to receive the anti aging and sally hansen product. Instead I got uber cheap Nivea (two bottles at home already)

    What peeved me most was last month they said profiles were not in use and I am sure I filled my profile in when I joined but when I checked it was gone. I also tried to change my address but it still went to my house rather than my work *shrugs

    I am going to hang on until Valentines Day box since they are promoting that heavily and then maybe try Bella Box? I already get Lust Have It and generally adore it.

  8. Thank you for sharing! I always love to see what are in other people's glossyboxes :)

    XX Kathryn

  9. I got mine today and I'm in WA so I do generally not try to get peeved about waiting longer as in fairness it does have more miles to clock up!

    I think the Sally Hansen product is great, I got the other box and the eyeliner is really cool. You should look into it if they did state that everyone was to receive it.

    I really think they should start a box for maturer ladies or something to cater to people like our mothers and aunties who would love these anti-ageing products.

    I have read about age appropriate anti ageing products even in your 20's, but I think at 23 I want to wait till I'm 30 before I start worrying about that!

  10. The nailpolish looks great but I agree that they aren't fully there when it comes to customisation.

    I am wearing the blue eyeliner today and it is great so far. Perfect day to be true blue;)

  11. Jess-you should check out "My Glam." If I lived in the US it would be the first one I signed up to. It looks amazing!

    R&R - I can't wait for next months Lust Have It!!! hey have already said what on product is and I'm so excited.

    Lacoquettedelamode - I love seeing other countries beauty boxes too. Except sometimes they look amazing and I wish we had the box hahahaha. The US ones are incredible!

    Jimmi Lou - Thats great you got it! I know a few WA girls were getting annoyed that they are always last. I don't know why GB doesn't just send them first if they know it can take up to 2 weeks for you to get it. I think it would be good to do a mature box too. I hate getting anti aging things. I look after my skin, so I don't need it now. Maybe in 5-10 years I might be interested.

    Ingrid - You should do a post on your blog of the eyeliner :)