Gorgeous Hair Colour Commandments

Tuesday 24 January 2012

This could be you!! Just insert
your face into the picture ;)

You can spend a LOT on colour. Whether it is just a touch up or a complete colour overhaul, it is important to make sure the colour looks glossy and lasts.

Here are the commandments on getting and keeping colour gorgeous...

Get a cut before your colour
Split ends will only show up more on highlights, so it is important to get a trim to get rid of them. 

Day old hair is good!
If you are getting your hair coloured, wash it the day beforehand. If you wash it on the day, your hair will be too clean and it will mess around with the colour. The same with too dirty hair. Use a clarifying shampoo to get rid of any product build up. 

Be realistic
To have gorgeous colour your hair needs to be in good condition. Going from black to platinum blonde will just ruin it. So be realistic on the colour you can get. There is no point in being a platinum blonde if your hair will break and fall out. 

Bring in pictures to show your hairdresser
Anytime you are going for something new or different, always bring in pictures. Then the hair dresser knows the exact colour, cut and style you are wanting. 

DIY properly
DIY colouring can be great, BUT you need to follow the instruction. And ALWAYS make sure you have enough colour. If your hair is long and you are colouring it for the first time, always use 2 boxes. 

Listen to the hairdressers recommendations
They will give you great styling advice, so listen to what products they recommend. You might not think a toner is important, but you will when your blonde turns brassy. Or you will wish you bought that red shampoo when your hair colour is fading.

Treat your hair
Regardless if your hair is visually damaged or not, buy a treatment mask that you can put in your hair once a week to help it remain glossy. The good thing is, it doesn't have to be expensive. You can still pick up a good mask at Priceline or the supermarket. 

Don't over wash your hair
The quickest way to lose colour is by washing it too much.

Protect your hair colour
When out in the sun, either put in a hair sunscreen or cover up with a hat to stop sun damage affecting your hair colour.

And lastly, apply a serum or gloss spray to make it shine. But don't go OTT or it will just look greasy! 

Do you have any good tips for keeping hair colour looking great?


  1. Great hair tips..! and thanks for the comment ill review the nailpolishes soon.. x

  2. your banner is so beautiful!

  3. I have always thought of going brunette for a while but I simply couldnt afford the upkeep at the moment so I am going to put that on the backburner for now :)

  4. My hairdresser does it differently, she washes my hair before the foils and cuts it after. She is the best so I trust her:)

  5. Yolandaas - I can't wait for the review :) XO

    Claude - Thanks you :) I'm glad you like it. It is super girly but gorgeous.

    bbBreauty - I loved being brunette. It gives you so many more different make up looks than blonde can.

    Ingrid - I've had hairdressers do that too. If your hair is healthy, it can be fine. But since my hair is bleached, washing it before, blowdrying, then colouring, washing it again and another blowdry it terrible for my hair. But your hair looks fantastic so she is a great hairdresser :) XO