Eye Spy With My Wrinkled Eye: Looking After Your Eyes

Wednesday 29 February 2012

The skin around our eyes is one of the first places to get wrinkles. There are a few reasons for this. The skin is thinner around our eyes, so it is more prone to damage. Also since our eyes are on display all the time, it gets a battering from the elements. We also can be too rough with our eyes. From rubbing them when we are tired to pulling on the skin when taking off our make up, our eyes get beaten up every day.

Here are some things to remember to keep your eyes in great condition ...

Never rub eye cream around your eyes
It is much kinder to pat eye cream onto your eyes. It is even kinder to pat an eye cream onto your skin with your smaller, weaker fingers. Your index finger is usually your strongest finger, yet it is the one that you are more likely to use. 

Take off your eye make up correctly
The best, and kindest, way to take off your eye make up is to apply make up remover to a cotton ball/pad and hold it onto your (closed) eye for 5 seconds. This lets the makeup remover sink into the skin and help dissolve the make up. Then gently wipe away the ball/pad. Drag it downwards, instead of back and forth in a windscreen wiping motion. 

Cool as a cucumber
Either apply 2 slices of cucumber to your eyes or two teaspoons (that you put in the fridge) to cool down your eye area. It is very refreshing and helps any redness or puffiness you have around the eye area.

Pick the right eye cream
If you have no wrinkles and are still quite young, you won't need an eye cream for wrinkles! Instead stick to one that is more for puffiness and redness. They still will put in moisture and hydrate your skin. Make sure you don't use your anti aging moisturiser around your eyes. Instead invest in one that is for your eyes. They are kinder, gentler and less likely to irritate your eyes. 

Protect your eyes
Remember to wear sunglasses out to help protect your eyes. 

Silk sheets aren't just luxurious
Using a silk or satin pillow case can help stop wrinkles forming because it is softer and you are less likely to get your face squished into lines on the pillow. A plus is that it is also great for preventing frizzy hair!!! 

Do you neglect your eyes?


  1. My eyes are spoilt:) I don't skimp on eye cream xx

  2. Great tips, Beauty in a bottle! Good thing you brought this up on your blog. But, I’d like to add that choosing an eye cream or an anti-aging cream that meets your particular need is just as important as knowing the proper technique of applying it on your skin. Hope to see more of your blogs!

    Sierra Whittington