Rave: Macadamia Natural Oil "Healing Oil Treatment"

Wednesday 29 February 2012

Here is a little bit of background on my hair ... 

It has been bleached many times, it is fine but there is a lot of it and it's dry. I find most oils are too heavy for my hair (besides the Kerastase Elixir Ultime). They make them oily, greasy and looking like I haven't washed my hair in years!

The Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment is such an amazing hair oil. Instead of using it as a styling product, I use it as an overnight treatment when my hair is getting damaged by colour or heat styling. I use between 3-4 pumps (so a lot!!) and coat my hair in it. I then put it in a bun and wash it out the following day. 

If you use it as a styling product, it helps to make your hair shine, frizz free, helps drying time and protects artificial hair colour. You can also either apply it to your hair before colouring (for protection) or apply it into the hair dye before applying to your hair.

What is your favourite hair oil?


  1. How funny, I actually contemplated buying a sample of this just today before reading this post!

    I like Babyliss Argan oil it smells sooo good, Orofluido is good too, and Kerastase is always a winner. :)

  2. Your review is very useful...thanks...keep blogging :)

    Macadamia Natural Oil

  3. It is the very best natural oil to use for my dry, fine hair. It actually makes my hair soft and luscious though it would not be without it.Jamaican Black Castor Oil