Glossybox February 2012

Thursday 9 February 2012

I was really shocked to get my GB today since I didn't get a dispatch notification. I knew that it was a Valentines Day theme, and that it was in a hot pink box, but didn't know any of the products that were inside. The outside box is still the same, but the actual box is really cool. I would love them to have a hot pink one always! Or maybe a special leopard print one one time ;)

So onto whats in the box...

Bobbi Brown "Lash Glamour Extreme Lengthening Mascara" (3ml)
I'm so excited to try this out, but sadly will have to wait as I already have 5 mascaras opened!!! I really need to either throw some out or finish them before starting anymore. I've never tried a BB mascara, so I'm interested to see its quality. I am so picky with mascaras! 

Jane Iredale "Tantasia Self Tanner" 
This is a face and body self tanner. I'm interested in trying it out, but am also apprehensive since I don't really use a tanner. I really embrace being pale and tan maybe once a year for a special occasions. It doesn't say how big the sample is, but if you got the first GB, it is around the same size of the Jurlique product.

Polished London "Waitress" Nail polish (10ml)
I haven't heard of this brand before, so I am looking forward to trying it. I got the red shade (I think other boxes might get a pink shade). I'm normally not a huge fan of red, but since it is something I normally wouldn't try, I'm actually excited. Sometimes it is fun to get something completely different to what you would normally buy.

Star and Rose "Floral Wonderland Emergency Nail Files"
These are so adorable!!! It has "Lovebirds" on the packaging and two cute little birds on the nail files. They are perfect for your handbag and so appropriate for Valentines Day. (Click on the picture to get a larger picture to see the cute love birds!)

Proactive "Deep Cleansing Wash" (60ml)
I've never actually tried Proactive, but have seen their ads countless times. It is for the body, so is perfect if you get breakouts on your chest, back, etc. It also has exfoliating beads which is great. 

Love Heart Lollies
These are super cute and they remind me of being young, as I used to eat them and think they were sooo cool. 

Again they included some vouchers. One is for $15 off at and $20 off a Proactive kit. 

It is a good box overall, but I think they lost the Valentines theme along the way. I think the Proactive body wash was a bit of an odd one to put in a romantic box. I don't think anyone thinks zits are sexy! I think a body moisturiser, blush or a lip product would have been a bit more suitable. But I loved the box and the pink and white packaging. I really love the theme boxes since it is something a bit different. I wonder if next month will be a theme too. 

My favourite product is the nail files. They are too adorable to use! 

What did you get from GB? I'm always interested to see what others got in their box, so leave a comment below.


  1. I was also surprised to get my box this morning as I didn't get a despatch email!

    I got the same products but the Polished London nail polish in "fushia"

  2. Your products where COMPLETELY different from what I got this morning. I'm normally not one to complain and I know people get different contents but did I get the short end of the stick. I got 2 chemist lip balms, the love birds nail files, the ProActive cleanser, lollies and Palmers Skin Therapy Oil. Pretty much everything I dont like in one box. If I'd of got the same as you I'd be over the moon happy.. Oh well.. better luck for next months. :(

  3. Ohhh I just looked on their website and the fushia looks pretty. For some reason I thought the pink would be light, like a baby pink.

  4. Hmmm 2 lip balms. That is really odd. You've only got one set of lips!

  5. omg so jealous! I am patiently waiting for mine & my LHI boxes. I hope I get the bobby brown mascara & the polished london nail polish as well.

  6. Hmmm..might cancel mine after this month...think I may move to ILOVETHISBOX...I got 2 lip glossy things, eye shadow and the Proactiv..would have loved the mascara instead of a lipgloss..

  7. I think you got a great box , I'd be really happy if that's what I get. I think I'll be waiting another week before mine arrives.

  8. My box was different too! Abit jealous with some of your products. I got a pack of lip tattoos, a ELF eyeshadow quad and Adorn mineral blush powder! I think they were the three products that varied. I wish I got the mascara / nail polish instead of my lip tattoos as I received a lip tattoo from Bellabox january...BUT overall I am happy with my box :)

  9. your box is so much better than mine... i got a bunch of tiny samples & lip tattoos.

  10. Thanks for everyones comments. I've seen on their FB page, that people that got the other box aren't very happy with it.

    Jess - I put a link to your blog post on my twitter page so others can see what you got :)

    Jasmine - Im so glad you like the blog :) XO

    The Weary Rose - you may get it earlier than you think. I know if you like in WA they were doing express post :) Hopefully you will get it soon

  11. I got the lip tattoos... and just did a post about them... and I've un subscribed from glossybox... I'm so disappointed.

  12. That's an awesome collection of products! I got 2 lip balms and a lip gloss. Better luck next month.

  13. omg! that polish looks so interesting. Haha. I am pretty predictable arent i? Obviously its the polish that interests me the most! Cant wait to hear what you think of it!

  14. You're going to love BB, I promise=) I adore the nail shade and very happy that I could finally see what was in your box. We got the same things so I guess we'll be two good looking ladies walking around xx

  15. Funny how you mentioned that a lip product would've been more appropriate instead of the proactiv as I got 3 (yes THREE) lip products.. My box is so crap compared to yours. I'm super disappointed.

    Check out my lousy box

  16. I've always wanted to try out proactiv, hopefully I get this in mine, it is really unfair to vary the boxes so much especially value wise

  17. Oh my, I'm still waiting for my box, no notification, nothing!! Your box sounds lovely, Amy, how lucky! I hope something good eventually shows up for me, I'd love the BB mascara! Love her products!

    And I agree with everyone else, it's a bit unfair that the boxes all have different things in them! :(

  18. Blithely Unaware - I loved your review on your blog! ;)

    Polish Jinx - hahaha you are very predictable! But I love it!

    Ingrid - I'm so glad we got the same box. We can organise to wear the nail polish on the same day hahaaha

    ohhh Ms Faby :( you poor thing. 3 lip products is just over the top. I did like your ELF lip colour though!

    Jimmi Lou- the proactive has everyone divided. People either hated getting it or were happy to try it out.

    MM- ohhhh :( Hopefully you get it on monday. Have you contacted them about not getting a tracking email?