Laura Mercier Eye and Cheek Palette

Monday 20 February 2012

Palettes are one item that I have a love hate relationship with! I play it very safe (sometimes too safe) with my eyes. I have a billion variations of browns. If I want to do something different, I go for burgundy colours. Yep, I'm very bland!!

I find some palettes are just a waste of money for me since I will only use a third of the colours. So it has to be a pretty amazing palette for me to buy. THIS IS IT!! The Laura Mercier Eye and Cheek Palette is quite simple but gorgeous. 

There are 6 eye shadows and 2 cheek colours. 

 On the left hand side of the palette it has (top to bottom) Buff pearl, Tawny Apricot and Rich Cocoa.

On the right side of the palette it has Pale Pink (which is barely visible in the photo!), African Violet and Black Plum. I had so many issues getting the Pale pink to show up even after countless attempts. It is more of a nude than a pink.

4 out of the 6 shades are exclusive to this palette. African Violet and Black Plum is available to purchase separately.  I love that half of the eye shadows are matte and the other half has a shimmer finish. My favourite colour is the African Violet. It looks really vibrant in the pan, but is sheerer on your skin. I love how there is a gold undertone to it.

Top to Bottom: Rose Desire, Fresh Peach.

The blush colours are gorgeous. They are quite sheer, even though the Rose Desire looks bright pink in the pan. Fresh Peach is more of a pinky apricot than orange. Because you can layer them, you can make them as sheer or bright as you want.

I'm really glad I got this! It can be hard buying things online since you can't really see how the colours look on your skin. And since I don't have a Laura Mercier seller near me, I had to rely on swatches from other beauty bloggers.

Are you a fan of palettes, or do you find you prefer to buy single colours?


  1. The light orange/peach color blush is very pretty and would be perfect for summer (: I need to get something similar to that color without buying a whole palette.

    If you have time, definitely stop by and check out my blog!:D