Trish McEvoy Beauty Emergency Card

Monday 20 February 2012

This is such a really cool eye palette that is so thin and light. It is perfect for even the smallest handbag. There are 8 colours that you can use to highlight, contour and define. You can also blend the two colours on the left side to make a brow definer.

The colours are (left to right) Eye Definer Deep Aubergine, Peach Shell, Sugar Plum and Gilded Bronze

The colours are (left to right) Brown Definer Natural, Rose Quartz, White Peach and Gilded Taupe.

I love how simple the colours are, so it is perfect for taking away. I normally just do very simple make up while I'm on holiday (TM, lip gloss, mascara and an eye colour) so I love that this is so small but has colours I will wear. There is nothing more annoying than having limited space in your suitcase, and it being taken up by a big palette that has only a few colours you will actually use.

What do you take on holiday?

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