Priceline Haul

Friday 13 April 2012

This post is for all the girls that asked me what I bought to be eligible for the Priceline Free Beauty Bag yesterday. 

I went in to Priceline earlier in the week and fell in love with their Colourburst Lipstick in "Pink Frosting." It's a gorgeous pinky nude colour that shimmers. Even though it is called pink, because my lips are naturally a deeper colour, it doesn't look very pink on my lips. It just gives it a gorgeous shimmer, which looks fantastic with a swipe of clear balm or gloss over it. 

I also picked up one of the Revlon "Just Bitten" Lip stains. I have seen these forever and always thought, "ohhh I need to try that" but just never did, so I finally ended up getting one! The colour I picked was "Passion." I'm trying to branch out and go for colours other than pink, but I just love this so colour so much, so I made an exception. 

I was reading a blog late last week and in the picture the blogger was holding a product (which I can't remember what it was), but I became distracted by their nails. They had a beautiful baby pink nail polish on. It was Revlon's "Pink Lingerie" and I knew I had to pick it up. When I was at Priceline I also saw a cute coral colour called "Peachy." I'm obsessed with pastels and corals at the moment, so it was perfect!! Now I just need the time to paint them!

The Revlon products were buy one get one free, so I paid for the lip products and got the 2 nail polishes for free. They also had a leftover Revlon GWP of a 4 piece brush set in a case. It contains a Powder Brush, Eye shadow blending brush, brow brush/comb and a lip brush. 

I really love sponges to apply my foundation, so I picked up the Manicare Precision Blending Sponge, which is similar to a Beauty Blender. It is perfect if you can't use a foundation brush, or if you hate applying foundation with your fingers. 

My last item was an Eco Tools Bronzing Brush. I wanted to replace my bronzing brush from Models Prefer that I was really disappointed with. It has been shedding, feels rough/scratchy and doesn't apply the bronzer smoothly, so I was looking to bin it and get a replacement. I was really surprised since I have a few of their eye brushes which I adore. I haven't used Eco Tools before, but have only ever heard great things about them. I love that Eco Tools are all about using recyclable products and making them cruelty free. 



  1. Great buys, I could do with some new brushes actually so maybe I will pop down!

    joanne from

  2. Nice! I think I need to try that Manicure sponge.
    BTW Rosemary from Lashes & Lattes had Pink Lingerie on the other day (this sounds very naughty! Sorry Rosie!) Maybe her. Can't remember if it was IG or a post.

  3. I have most of the EcoTools brushes and can safely say that they have NEVER once shedded a hair and I've had them for about... 2+ years?! And yes I do wash them regularly! The bronzer brush is one of the few I don't have though so I might pick that up soon!

  4. I got an EcoTools foundation brush the other day and it's the best brush I've ever used! I want to get more so I'd be interested on your thoughts on the bronzing brush :) Loe the nail polish colours too!

  5. I've decided to make a trip to Priceline tomorrow to get that amazing free gift, so I expect I'll spend about an hour trying to decide what to get!
    You got some awesome stuff, I think I might try those brushes too, they sound pretty good! xx

  6. I think you did really well! And I have 'passion' too! And I got the brush set too, which is quite funny...they were literally trying to get rid of it, I think.

  7. I have that bronzing brush and I absolutely love it! In fact, I just washed all my brushes yesterday and was thinking how much I love my 3 Eco Tools ones... They are by far my favourites, of all the ones I own! Must get more!

  8. Just back from Priceline and I caved! Got some lip butters and two eco tools brushes, thanks for the recommendation!