Priceline Free Beauty Bag

Thursday 12 April 2012

If you read my blog, you would notice that I LOVE Priceline!!! For those of you that don't live in Australia, it's our equivalent to a Boots or Superdrug. They have "drugstore" products from a range of brands. It's the perfect place to go for a quick pick me up because all of the brands are so affordable.

Their new catalogue specials started today and it's the BEST catalogue I have seen from them. They have so many amazing deals that I am half tempted to not buy my hubby his birthday pressie and instead go mental in Priceline (I'm joking...sort of!).  They have buy one get one free (BOGOF) on Revlon, buy a Rimmel foundation and get a free powder or concealer, 30% off Garnier, L'Oreal Moisturisers are only $19.95 (some have $16 off!!!) and sooooooooo much more! 

There are so many amazing specials.....but I have yet to tell you about the best thing.

Their FREE Beauty Bag when you spend $60 or more on selected brands. Now they have some amazing brands apart of the bag offer such as...
*Models Prefer
*Nude By Nature
*1000 Hour
*Press & Go 
*Max Factor
*Eco Tools
*Savvy by DB 

So all you need to do is spend $60+ within any of these brands, and you will get the free beauty bag valued at over $220. You don't need to spend it all on the one brand (unless you want to), but you can also buy something from a few of these brands.

So what is in my bag...?

*Nude By Nature "Soft Focus Illuminator" ...which I LOVE!! 
*Australis "Paparazzi Perfect High Definition Blush in "Poser"
*Natio Mineral Pressed Powder
*Press & Go Press on Manicure in an animal print design
*1000 Hour Nail Foils in a pint and silver design
*Eco Tools Bath Sponge
*Manicare Soft Touch Tweezers (I actually already have a pair and I love them)
*Max Factor "Xperience Volumising Mascara in Black"
*Savvy by DB Luxury Eyeliner in "Glitzy Gold"
*Models Prefer Kohl Pencil in "Matte Black"
*Models Prefer Multi Purpose Sponge
*Rimmel Lasting Finish Nail Polish in "Mocha Fever (185)" 
*Innoxa "Lovely Lips Lipstick in Apricot Tulip" (I LOVE this colour!!)
*Revlon "Super Lustrous Lipstick in Really Red"
*Priceline Nourishing 3 in 1 Facial Wipes

There is also a coupon for $10 off ONE Covergirl product in the bag too! 

Now the great thing is that you still get their normal catalogue offers on top of the beauty bag. So say you want to get some lip products from Revlon, you still can get the BOGOF!! How cool is that! 

My picks would have to be the Revlon Lip Butters (hello 2 for 1!!), the Natio Bronzing brush (which I raved about here), the new Rimmel "Wake Me Up" Foundation and David Babaii "Miracle Oil" (which I'm going to review this week for you!)

So as you can see it's such an amazing offer. I'm really excited about the Revlon and Innoxa lipstick, the Models prefer sponge and trying out the gold Savvy eyeliner. 

Leave me a comment or a link to your blog to show or tell me what you got in your bag. 

PS Now I'll just say straight up, that the bags are all slightly different. PLEASE don't go buying one thinking that you will get the exact same things as me. Most of the items are the same, but you may get a different colour or a lipgloss instead of a lipstick. I just don't want to disappoint you, so I'm putting it out there!!


  1. Went to 2 different Pricelines today but couldn't see anything I liked enough to spend $60 :( I already have 10 Lip Butters (from eBay) and there weren't any more colours that I really wanted =/ The bag looks pretty good though, a good range of products!!
    Did you get the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation? I've heard great things about it!

  2. This is a great deal!! What revolt lip butter colours did you get? Are they any good? Review coming???

  3. Oh my goodness! That bag is great! When is the offer on until?
    I spent $60 there yesterday, but not all on those brands :(

  4. I'm just about to post a very similar post, haha.

  5. This looked like a great deal when I saw it advertised! Unfortunately I can't justify spending $60 at the moment (despite the brilliant specials!) - waaah! :,-( I look forward to your reviews of these products! :)

  6. I got the bag today, I got the saavy eyeliner in indigo which looks nice, the nailpolish in discoball (pretty silver and blue glitter, which i love), I got a rimmel lipgloss instead of lipstick in a pretty colour (but annoyed I got lipgloss as half the reason I bought the bag was for the lipstick and I didn't realise there was a possiblity of getting a lipgloss) and the innoxa lipstick I got in this yucky dark brown/bronze colour. I love the colour of the nail foils though :)

  7. What did you buy to qualify for the free goodie bag?

    I thought about it and decided against getting this...there's nothing in it that I truly want. It helps that I'm sick and can't really go out of my home though!

    I might have gone for it if I hadn't already bought 4 lip butters last week on ebay though. :)

  8. I got this today too - was so excited and really happy with all the colours I got! Seemed to be pretty much the same products just shaded that differed with the exception of the Revlon lipstick/lipgloss.

    Did a blog post as well if you want to see shades etc. :-)

    I love the Lip Butters but they had mostly the really bright shades left when I went and the sale had only been on for half a day!

    I will be set for ages!

  9. I saw this today... so tempted but I promised myself I wouldn't spend any money on cosmetics until I got paid but... come on!!! I think I'm going to cave on the weekend and just go and get it! :D

  10. I went to my local Priceline yesterday to check it out but didn't buy anything because there was no lip butters available. Will have to check another store today, I like the look of the bag X

  11. This is what i got:
    Pretty similar things, except the only real difference were the colours of the eyeliner, polish and lipsticks!

  12. I've just added a new post to show you what I bought to be eligible for the beauty bag. You can read it here..

    Sue- No i didn't get the foundation, but have heard great things. I'll probably end up getting it once I've finished my current foundation.

    Alison-My local priceline store doesn't have the Revlon Lip Butters yet :( But I have already bought some from Ebay a month or two ago. So I'll be reviewing them soon.

    Marked Beauty blog - It is on offer for about 2 weeks, but I think the beauty bags will go in only a few days!

    Sophie - I saw your post hehehe Great post :)

    Sarah - I am really happy with what I got, since they were things I would have bought regardless of if the Beauty bag was on offer :) $60+ is a lot, but if you really want it and will use the things, its always worth it!

    Stefaneigh - I love the Disco ball nail polish!! Its so cool.

    Made Up Maiden -the lip butters are so popular!! I think since we know they are so much cheaper overseas that a BOGOF makes it worth it!

    Sarah - thanks for the link to your blog!! Hahahaha I know what you mean...there are sooo many amazing goodies in there.

    Sweetaholic - if you do decide to do it, do it ASAP. I don't see them being available for long. Its a popular deal!

    Ingrid - Me too!!! My 2 local ones haven't got them yet :( I'm hoping they will get it before the catalogue is over so I can get the BOGOF.

    Miss V - Thanks for the link :) The Waterlily lipstick is gorgeous!

  13. Ohhh I really want to head down and get this! I do not need any more makeup at the moment but they just keep coming up with such good offers its too hard to resist!

    joanne from

  14. Yay got it! Got the yucky Innoxa lipstick though and a Revlon gloss which is nice. The Rimmel polish is Disco Ball which I already have, oh well!

  15. I took your advice and ran into Priceline today to get my free bag! Except I did a naughty thing and spent about $90... although I'm so happy I did, everything in it was like it was picked just for me! I did a post about it, can be found here:

  16. Jimmi Lou.... you got some great things! The 2 for 1 lip butters are such a great deal

    Sweetaholic hahaha its so hard to stop yourself in price line! So many great specials atm. I'll head over and check out what you got :)