Friday the 13th: Beauty in Scary Movies

Friday 13 July 2012

When you're cast in a scary movie, you know that for the majority of the movie you won't be looking your best. With the running for your life, splattering of blood and no time to use dry shampoo, it will leave you looking your worst.

But here are some of my favourite beauty looks from horror movies...


Drew Barrymore in Scream
Awww what a cute crop. Very Anna Wintour! It's a shame she didn't last longer in the movie!


Sarah Michelle Gellar in I know What You Did Last Summer
Being stalked and harrassed by a killer is bad enough, but cutting her long hair when she was asleep was not cool!! Luckily she looks cute with a bob. 


 Julie Benz in Dexter
While Dexter isn't a movie, it is still awesome. Julie's character is/was sweet. So her hair and make up was always girly and subtle to go with her angelic personality. 

What's your favourite horror movie? Do you need to have the lights on to watch scary movies?

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  1. I don't really do horror movies because I end up watching it through my fingers but I do like your picks. I am a big fan of the Saw movies because they are so out there that I can actually watch them (but the mask gives me nightmares). I always liked Courtney Cox in Scream, she is so pretty X