Friday's Favourites

Friday 13 July 2012

Ahhhh, it's already Friday!! These weeks are just flying by. Here is what I've been using and loving this week...

What I'm wearing...

I started using the Alpha H Liquid Gold Skin Perfecting System on Monday night. I've heard so many great things about it. While it's too early to review it, I am liking it and luckily haven't had any irritation with it. I'll be reviewing it in 2-3 weeks time, and do regular updates, so you can see how effective it is.

I've been loving using my Real Techniques Brushes this week. They are such great quality and I've had no brushes shed even with multiple washes since getting them a few weeks ago.

I've been trying to be more careful with the skin around my eyes and have been using an eye cream more often. My favourite one at the moment is Natio's Eye Contour Treatment Gel. I like it because its moisturising but not too heavy. Sometimes when I use a heavy eye cream, I break out in spots around my eyes, but not with this. 

I have been LOVING the Sunsilk Keratinology Advanced Reconstruction Programme Hair Spa Mask. It's one of those inexpensive masks (under $14) that does a great salon quality job. It really does strengthen your hair and make it glossier. I usually love the O&M Seven Day Miracle Moisture Masque, but at $32 + postage, the Sunsilk mask is perfect for when you're on a tight budget. 

Things I'm lusting for...

A mani and pedi! I need them desperately but just never have the time to go. 

Blogs or Blog Posts I've loved so much I've read more than once...

I LOVE this orangy mango colour from Sweetaholic Beauty. I've never heard of the brand before but need to find it STAT!

Over at Beautebuzz, the post on "If life was like haute couture" made me laugh so much. I love high fashion, but sometimes it's art and is NOT made for real life.

Sarah has a great post on Grey Market Cosmetics. I know people love places like Strawberry Net, but I prefer to pay full price from an authorized seller. When it comes to cosmetics, it get rubbed into your skin and is absorbed into yor blood. If the product is a fake, it isn't regulated and can cause a terrible reaction. To be saving $20 isn't worth the risk of permanent skin damage.

I love a glittery nail, and this one from MCMiki93 is just stunning. Also these cute polka dot nails from Vivi K Style is just adorable! I love nail art, but just never have the time to paint my nails, so I get nail envy looking at bloggers designs! 

On my mind...

Next Thursday I'm getting Balayage done at Atlantis Hair. I'm super excited and can't wait! The last time I got my hair coloured was back in December (ekkk!) so I'm looking forward to a much needed mini make over. I'm excited but scared as it's always scary having someone new look after your hair. 

How has your week been? Any favourites?


  1. I really want to try the real techniques brushes, they look so good :)