Lust Have It August 2012

Friday 24 August 2012

This month was LHI's first birthday. To celebrate they changed back to a box with a bow on it, which I liked. There's only so many cosmetics bags one can have. I was expecting the box to be birthday themed, but alas it wasn't. Instead it just felt like random products.

Here's what I got in my box...

TanGo Tanning Glove

I embrace my paleness and tan maybe once a year, so this won't be used for tanning. It's a microfiber cloth, so it will be used to remove my make up instead. It's a different item that no other beauty box has included before, which is always nice. I love getting new products that are different. While you might not like the new item, it's fun to try something completely different.

From what I can see from other blogs, this was in every box. And it's not a glove, it's a cloth. It also has on the LHI card that it's worth $29.95, but on the website it is $21.95 (which includes a tin with it).

Bed Head "Glaze Haze" Smoothing Hair Serum (60mls)

This is apart of their "Candy Fixations" range. It has a slightly sweet scent, that is really nice. The serum is easy to distribute in your hair and doesn't leave it oily. It leaves your hair smooth, shiny and hydrated. It's also supposed to help quicken up your drying time. One thing that made me laugh is on the bottle it says "This hair care product is not a confectionery and must not be consumed." 

Now on the LHI card it says that the full size is 50mls and $25.95, but I received 60mls. So I think this is full size, but I'm not sure if it's actually $25.95.

Pure Fiji Nourishing Exotic Oil in "Orange Blossom" (sample)

I adore Pure Fiji products, so I'm excited to get this. It's perfect for travelling with. The smell is really beautiful and it contains coconut oil and nut extract to moisturise with.

Shiseido Perfect Rouge Lipstick in RD 305 - "Salon" (2.5gms)

I really like having make up in my box and this is a cute mini lipstick. I was one of the lucky ones to have this in my box. It's a moisturising formula that is more of a matte finish. 

The colour looks dark in the packaging but once you apply it to your lips it comes up as more of a raspberry colour. It's really pretty.

While it says that it's long lasting, I found it came off when I had my lunch. But because the colour is so pretty it's worth the hassle of reapplying. 

Wet 'N' Wild Clear Basecoat (10mls)

On the LHI card, it goes on about how there's no trace of imperfections, uniform coating and intense elegance. But I was sent a clear basecoat, so it's really hard to see if the claims match the product. 

Marc Jacobs "Dot" Eau De Parfum Spray (1.2ml sample)

I adore Marc Jacobs "Daisy" and had high expectations for "Dot." I had mentioned a few weeks ago that I smelt it and was slightly disappointed in it. It's not bad, but it's not great. Which is surprising since it has jasmine and berries (both which I adore). But it just doesn't mesh well. I'm glad that I got a sample so I could use it for a few days to see if the smell grows on me.

One thing that is slightly annoying is that on the LHI card, it states that this is an "exclusive pre-release of this beautiful perfume before it goes on sale in stores." The problem with this is that the perfume was released on either the 6th or 7th of August in Australia. While they got the samples before the pre-release date, they didn't send out their boxes until after the release date. This, along with the incorrect information on the card about the Bed Head and TanGo product frustrates me. ALSO on one side of the card it has "Bold and beautiful July lust haves". IT'S AUGUST!! Seriously LHI. You need someone to double check. One incorrect information is fine, but 4 on 1 card, just seems thoughtless and like no one cares. 

While the box is great (I love the products), it's the other stuff that has members getting frustrated. No tracking has been a big complaint on their Facebook page and on blogs. 

Hopefully next month will be another fabulous box with a correct card and better communication. PLEASE use email as a way of keeping customers up to date, not just your FB page.

What did you think of your box? 


  1. I just posted my Lust Have It! box opening too. Although we got a couple of the same products, we got a few different ones! Click here to here to see the contents of my box!

    - Sophie at Born to Buy

    1. Thanks for the link. I have to say (like I did on your blog) I would be disappointed if I got that box. Theres nothing I love in it (that was different than my box).

  2. Your box was the one i really wanted. I received the 'fun & flirty' pack, which mind you, is the same pack i've been getting for the past 3 months with the soaps and ModelCo liner which I can barely swatch and little pieces of it come off when im just swiping it over my arm, dry much? lol
    your lipstick colour is gorgeous! and i love pure fiji products too, so envious! but enjoy your box :)

    1. Ohh no Nika, hopefully you'll get an amazing box next month without eyeliner or soap ;)

  3. I think I am liking Bellabox a bit better lately :) that lipstick colour is fab!

    1. Ive been feeling the same way. For the first 4 boxes of the year LHI was incredible, but since the Glossybox take over, it's just fell flat. Meanwhile Bellabox is improving so much lately

  4. Thanks for posting for what you. I understand about frustrations of membership issues. I didn't get an August box. I fixed up my payment details asap so I could get it and I was told them to email LHI to make sure i'll get one. The response I got was "sold out" and that I would have to wait until Sepetember.

    I thought I would be really disappointed not to get August since it would be their birthday box, but it doesn't seem to be anything extraordinary?

    I really think the GB takeover has not made it the same anymore.
    I also agree about the MJ Dot fragrance thing. LHI facebook was saying "exclusive" etc BEFORE the boxes were sent out, but I was already seeing MJ give samples out in front of Westfield Sydney before that announcement.

    1. Ohhh that's terrible! Lucky you didn't miss an amazing box :) Yeah, the GB takeover certainly has made a lot of issues for LHI. Hopefully it will all be sorted very soon

  5. I will give LHI a couple more months to decide whether I should continue.

    I like your blog. Keep it up! Your very fast to post as I tend to read it for spoilers :)

    1. Thanks! :) I'm on the fence about LHI too. I loved their earlier boxes but since the glossybox takeover it's been quite disappointing.

  6. I received mine today - which seems so much later than everyone else receiving there's? I also got the lipstick, but yours is a much nicer colour than mine.

    This is what I received in my box:

  7. You did get yours quite late. It sucks when that happens as it's hard to stay away from spoilers. I'll go check out your box now :)