Colour Theory Explained, And How It Impacts Make Up

Wednesday 22 August 2012

Choosing make up colours that flatter your skintone can be difficult. Firstly you need to find out if your skintone is cool or warm. Then you need to find not only a flattering colour, but you need to find a constancy that works well with your skin type.

If you're interested in finding out about "colour theory" and what colours suit what skin type, there is a fantastic video I saw last night on youTube that explains brilliantly all this and more. Click here to watch. It does go for 15 minutes, so if your too busy to watch here are some of the tips I learnt.

1. There are warm version of cool colours, and cool versions of warm colours, so you're able to still wear a certain colour but you may need to go for more of a blue tone if your cool skinned, or a warmer version of green if your warm. 

2. Use complimentary opposite colours to bring out your eye colour. If you put blue shadow with blue eyes, it just blends into each other. But if you apply a bronze eye shadow it contrasts against your blue eyes and makes them POP! You want to use a opposite colour to accentuate your eye colour. Copper and purple helps to bring out green eyes. Brown eyes looks great with purples and blues. 

3. Use the opposite colour on the colour wheel. It is the best way of making your eyes shine. 

4. If you have small lips, go for a light lipstick to give the illusion of bigger lips. Dark colours will make them look smaller. 

Eye shadows and the colours that make your eyes pop start at 2.52
Blush and the colours that work with certain skin tones start at 8.00
Lipsticks for your skintone start at 12.35

I hope the video helped you!


  1. Love this post, was very helpful!


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  2. This is a fantastic post hun, but I am always so confused because I think I suit both warm and cold colours. I wish someone would just tell me whether I'm cold or warm.

    I also have a shifting eye colour, it's grey, green and blue depending on the lighting and all that jazz so it just adds to the "difficulty" Xx

    PS - I'm not sure if I'm going to IMATS - might be working that weekend. Will check with my boss asap Xx

    1. So glad enjoyed it. I know that some people are neither cool nor warm and look good in both silver and gold. Maybe you're lucky and can pull off any look :)

      Let me know if you go to IMATS and we can catch up :)

  3. Colour theory is so interesting when you are playing with makeup :) I think all forms of art should use it well :)

    1. Your right. While rules are made to be broken, understanding the theory behind colours helps to enhance your make up. Even if orange doesn't work with your skintone, it can be fun to play with.

  4. great post -- very helpful!! thanks for sharing :))