How To: Getting Rid Of Bacne and Body Acne

Wednesday 5 September 2012

In Australia, spring started last week. With the warmer weather starting, it usually means that we start to show more skin. This can be a scary thought when you suffer from body acne.

Read on for tips on how to control it...

Use a body wash that contains salicylic acid. These body washes help to clean bacteria from the skin and help with body breakouts. Neutrogena, Oxy, Pro Active and Clearasil do great body washes. If you're on a very tight budget, use your current face wash if it contains salicylic acid. 

Wash your hair over a basin. Conditioner washing onto your body, especially your neck and back, can be heavy and lead to break outs. 

If you have acne on hard to reach spots like your back, use a spray or a make up pad that can help with those odd places. Murad and Clinique both do a great spray, while Clearasil do a make up pad that can make getting those tricky parts easier. 

Exfoliate your skin regularly to stop pores becoming clogged.

Zinc is fantastic for combating the bacteria that causes acne, so take a zinc vitamin. 

Make sure your sheets and PJs are clean. Get out of your sweaty work out clothes as soon as possible. If you cant, use a baby wipe or make up wipe to keep the skin clean. 

Look for clothing, like cotton, that is breathable. This will help, especially on a hot day. Also use a clothes detergent that is free perfumes. Do a 2nd rinse to make sure there is no left over detergent that can aggravate your skin. 

If you can afford it, a back facial at a spa is great since they can get to your whole back (which you can't unless you're a contortionist!)

The cooler months are also the perfect time to treat the acne. Remember it's never to early or late to get ready for the warmer weather. 

Hope this helps!


  1. Great post, I've had bacne for a while and while it's much better now, I still wouldn't wear something backless with my hair up!
    I'm interested in the Murad and Clinique sprays you mentioned though - do you remember the names? :)

    1. Here's a link to the Murad Spray

      Otherwise Clinique do a soap that would be helpful

    2. Thanks so much - got a friend going to the US in a few weeks so I'll see which of these I think I'll suit better!!

  2. Clinque does an acne soap - though Clinque overall in Australia is very expensive compared to the USA.

    1. Yeah the Australian price is so expensive :( I've heard that Clinique is more of a drugstore product in the US, but they have it department store and highend in Oz

  3. Thanks for the tips! :) I always find it hard to reach my back. :P