Want It Wednesday: WOTNOT Vegan Make Up Brush Set

Wednesday 5 September 2012


If you're a regular reader, you'd know I'm a bit obsessed with brushes, so it was only a matter of time until these vegan brushes was on my wishlist. 

These cruelty free brushes have wooden handles that are covered in a satin lacquer to make them waterproof. Each brush is hand made to ensure it's at a high standard. 

The brushes in the set are
  1. Powder/bronzer brush
  2. Blusher brush
  3. Foundation brush
  4. Eye shading brush
  5. Eye contouring brush
  6. Angled eye lining brush
  7. Fine detail and lip line brush
  8. Eyebrow and eyelash groomer
They look quite similar to the EcoTools design. 

I love that WOTNOT is an Australian owned company and they donate a percentage of all sales to Bear Cottage, so you're not only being environmentally friendly but also help out people in the community.

What's on your want list this week?


  1. They're really similar to ecotools, and also the bamboo handled brishes from furless brushes.
    My want list this week include most (not not quite all) of the Generation Q collection from Illamasqua.

    1. I have never tried Illamasqua before, but with the price drop I will have to buy some very soon :) I love the look of their blushes.

  2. I was almost going to buy these, i really want to see a review before i do though :P

    1. Me too! I tried to do a google search but had no luck in finding a review of someone that's actually used it. There's a store near me that stocks WotNot products, and they're getting a new shipment next week, so I'm hoping that they will have the brushes instore so I can see them in person before buying.

  3. I LOVE the look of these...I am brush obsessed! :P

    1. I REALLLLY want these. But I might wait until after Imats as I was thinking of getting some things there.

  4. Please do a review if you do end up getting these. As you mentioned, they look like the Ecotools so unsure if I should get them...and I already don't use my brushes often. The one thing Wotnot have in the set that Ecotools don't have is a lipbrush