Review: Allegra Rhodes "Cherry Blossom" Range

Tuesday 29 January 2013

Allegra Rhodes is an Australian brand that have wonderful body products. I've been using their Cherry Blossom products all month, and adore them.

Firstly they are sulphate and paraben free, which means less irritation for those with sensitive skin.  

Their products are "everyday luxuries," because why shouldn't we use beautiful smelling, and feeling, products everyday not just for special occasions. 

"Cherry Blossom" is a gorgeous light floral scent that lingers without being overpowering or off putting. I've been using their body wash, hand & nail cream and the body lotion. 

Firstly I started to use their body wash as a hand cream (because I already had something else I was using and wanted to finish it). It's really nice and soft. The scent is beautiful and perfect for summer. 

My mum even commented on it after washing her hands...and she NEVER comments on things like that (thanks mum for giving me a mothers day idea!).

The hand and nail cream is the perfect mix of hydrating without being heavy or oily. Within 30 seconds it has sunk into the skin and your hands are left soft and silky. 

The body lotion is light and dries quickly. I love that it's not too heavy, especially since the weather is warm here. 

They also have a hand wash and body mist available in the Cherry Blossom scent.

The packaging is simple but stunning. I like that it's in a plastic container because I'm very clumsy and glass bottles and me are a recipe for disaster. Also the pump is fantastic! It's easy to use, especially in a slippery shower.  

I also love the outer packaging that it comes in. It's simple in colours (orange/white/black), quirky but beautiful.

The prices are really reasonable for the amount that you get. Both the hand and nail lotion and body lotion are $32.95 with the hand and nail lotion being 175mls and the body lotion being 250mls. The body wash is 450mls and is only $29.95. Even though I've been using them all multiple times a day, they barely look touched.

Also available are 3 other scents... Red Lychee (which I must have!), Sweet Apple & Grapefruit and Ocean Mist. Red Lychee is a mix of lychee, white chocolate, orchid and kiwi. Doesn't it sound like the perfect summer cocktail!?! Ocean mist has a mixture of jasmine, rose, violet and sandalwood with a twist of lemon.

You can find more details here

What's your favourite body scent? I adore jasmine for summer, and vanilla for winter.

I was kindly sent these for consideration. All thoughts and views are completely my own, and are always 100% honest. See my disclosure policy here.


  1. I got their hand cream in Lychee and I just love the smell!

  2. Hey Amy, thanks for the review! Glad you like our Cherry Blossom range :) Hope you don't mind us pinning your review on our Pinterest (

    Also just wanted to let you know that tomorrow is the last day of our summer special where you can receive 30% off when you purchase 3 or more products.

    We'll be providing Facebook exclusive discounts soon so do follow us on Facebook ( to keep updated.

    We love hearing about what people think of our products so keep us posted on how you go!

    Allegra Rhodes

  3. Mishelle, I realllllly want to try that scent next. It sounds amazing. I have some Bellabox points that I might use to get the bodywash once I've finished my Cherry Blossom wash.

    Hi Allegra Rhodes! Thanks for the comment. I'm glad you liked the review. That's fine that you pinned the review :) XO

  4. Wow, I must confess that I'd never heard of Allegra Rhodes before. I love the look of it and I love a good natural product. Cherry Blossom is such a wonderful scent too. Thanks for a great review! The site looks great too, well done beautiful X

  5. Ooh I love the sound of this range... Most cherry blossom stuff is a winner, to me, but the fact this is sulphate and paraben free is even better! :)

    Love the new look for your website! :)

    Sarah (blogger blogs still aren't compatible w iPad for sign ins! :P) @ a beautiful story

  6. I received a sample of Ocean Mist in a BellaBox. It smelt sooooooooo good. I never thought I would be one to buy expensive hand creams but these are just amazing.