Mirenesse Australian Bushfire and Flood Disaster Appeal

Tuesday 29 January 2013

Get Something Beautiful, And Give Back

The last few weeks have been hard for a lot of Australians. We've had weather that has gone from soaring hot, record breaking days resulting in devastating bushfires to floods.  

Sadly in both fires and floods there have been lives lost. Some people have lost everything. Their homes, their work places and communities. Many people have no idea where they will now call home for the night, for the next week or even next year. Sadly with the floods, this happened only 2 years ago. Many people only recently finished rebuilding their homes and businesses, and now they are faced with the reality that they may have lost everything again.

Australians have a beautiful nature of rallying together and helping out a "mate" when times are tough.

You hear stories of people risking their own lives to save a stranger, local pubs giving the community a safe and dry place for the night, businesses donating materials and builders to rebuild and of course the beautiful stories of children giving up their pocket money to donate to charities.

One brand trying to give back is Mirenesse. They have four beauty packs available for only $20 each. $5 from every sale will be donated to the Australian Disaster Relief Fund.  

There are 2 packs available with a lipstick and nail polish (one is pale pink, the other fuschia), one lipgloss and eyeshadow duo or a lipgloss and blush duo. 

Not only can you look beautiful on the outside, you can feel good on the inside knowing that you're helping others!

The packs are available here. You can also donate straight to the fund by going here. Another great thing you can do is donate to an animal shelter. In fires and flood, people are sometimes forced to leave their animals and cattle there. The RSPCA have an appeal for the Tasmanian bushfires, which you can donate to here

If you know of any great brands that are doing anything special (like donating their profits from a certain day) or great charities, comment below. 

Hopefully all you readers are safe!

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