Want It Wednesday: A Haircut!!!

Wednesday 30 January 2013

I was meant to get my haircut in December but with the craziness of an interstate move I had to miss it. So now it's been nearly 5 months since I've had my haircut and the ends of my hair are feeling unloved. 

One of the bad things about moving is finding a new hairdresser, especially if you move to a place where you don't know anyone. At least if you have friends, you can find out where they go or get a recommendation from them.

On my search for a new hairdresser, I've stumbled upon some issues....

A lot of hairdressers don't have websites

A website tells you so much about a company. Background information, who works there, what products or brands they use and also prices. Price is a huge factor of the type of salon you will go to and not knowing how much they charge is frustrating. 

Some brands websites are out of date with salon locations

If you love a certain brand and only want your hair colour to be with them, you can see what salons stock them. But I've noticed with a few salons when I check their website is that they either aren't using the brand anymore or there is just no mention that they use "x" brands hair colour (they either mention another brand or make no mention of the brands dye they use). 

For every recommendation, there is also a negative review

I finally had a list of 4 places. There were 2 I really liked from their website, but I could only find negative reviews! While customers are more likely to complain loudly about bad service rather than great service, the fact that 99% of the reviews I found were bad is never a good sign.

A lot of positive reviews or recommendations were out of date

Vogue's forums gave me some great places where I could go, but the thread was relevant back in 2005! Hairdressers move or change hands and what may have been a great place back in 2005, now might not be so great.

They aren't open on my free days

I've noticed a few boutique hairdressers are closed on Mondays. My daughter only goes to childcare on Monday and Fridays, so these are my only times available. Limiting my hair chance to only 1 day a week may not be the best idea. 

So readers, how did you find your current hairdresser? Through a friend, a website or by going to 101 and FINALLY finding your holy grail of hairdressers?


  1. Oh dear, I still haven't found a hairdresser I'm comfortable with, which results in me never getting haircuts! I take really good care of my hair anyway, and have invested in a pair of hair scissors so I mostly cut my own hair if something needs to be done... but it would be nice to venture back into a salon!
    I just find that most of them overcharge for someone who is under-qualified to cut my hair :(
    If I can do it myself, and have never been told it looks awful or like I've done it myself (even when I have gone to a hairdresser, they didn't even notice it's been done by somebody other than a trained expert) so I figure, why pay somebody $60+ for a trim (it's that expensive because I have long hair and apparently a trim is more work somehow?)

    My mum has luckily found the perfect one for her, but it's nowhere near me! I hope you find the perfect salon that charges a reasonable price but also knows what they are doing! :)

    Good topic!

  2. Oh dear. I am so lucky to have never had this problem - I had the same hair dresser for many years as a kid, then my best friend became a hairdresser so I just followed her around - she is no longer working in salons but does come to my house :)
    Other than "ask around" - which is difficult in a new area! Maybe just poke your head into a few salons and ask a few questions? It'll give you a feel for the place at least. x

  3. I have this exact problem right now as I've also just moved interstate. I've looked around and done some research but it's so hard to tell. I've bought a scoopon deal online and am using it to just get a trim tomorrow (surely they can't stuff that up). I figured it's a cheap way of scoping out a salon.

    Best of luck

  4. Ahhh Jasmine, I need to cut off about 5-6cm (major damage here!!!) so sadly I can't do what you do. Lucky you though. Saving so much on DIY jobs :)

    Chelsea, ohhhh that is so great. Would be fantastic to have someone just come to your house. Makes it so much easier than running to and from the salon in traffic.

    Ohhh Kaytlynz, How did you go with your haircut? I was thinking of doing one of those deals, but not much comes up near my location (I live in the hills).

  5. Amy if you DM me your ADL location I may be able to give you some recommendations! :)

    Sarah @ @beautstoryblog :)