L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in "All Night Blue" Review

Tuesday 16 April 2013

I'm slightly, actually very late, on the L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadow train. These have been out for decades (in beauty years) and I only just bought 2 earlier this month.  

Even though I normally stick to nudes and browns when it comes to my eyes, I couldn't resist this gorgeous blue colour. 

I really like the packaging. It's sturdy and yet still functionable. 

While it looks like a loose powder formula, the consitency is really smooth and feels almost like a cream as you swatch it or apply it with a brush. To keep the eyeshadow from falling it has a black stopper. DO NOT THROW THIS AWAY, as it's not useless packaging, but essential to keep the eyeshadow together (and keeps it from spilling in your make up bag).

I've included a lot of pictures for this post, because the blue is such an interesting colour. Depending on how much pressure and how much of the eyeshadow you apply, it can make it a completely different colour. 

When applied lightly and with a soft touch, black and grey show up more than the blue colour. I found applying it with a brush brought out more of the smokey grey and blacks.

When I apply it with my finger to my eyelids, or use a couple of layers, the blue really stands out and I noticed less black and grey. 

I really adore the formula and found that it lasts all day. I also have used it as an eyeliner (but not in my waterline!!) and found that it was a really wearable way of wearing blue without it being too full on. It's a great way of testing out a colour, without wearing it all over your eyelid. 

Another thing I love about these eyeshadows is the fact that they are so pigmented. I can give the illusion of a complex smokey eye just by using this one eyeshadow and layering the colour at my crease and outer eye. 

I absolutely adore the eyeshadows. The only thing I don't like about it is the price. Here in Australia they cost $19.95. For a drugstore brand, it's quite expensive especially as it's only one eye colour. Luckily places like Priceline, Target and Big W have regular sales on L'Oreal. I'll be picking up more of these...just when they are on sale ;)

Have you tried these before? Do you think $20 for a drugstore eyeshadow is too much?

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  1. What a gorgeous blue. It would look gorgeous on the eyes.
    Ive got 5 from the Infallible range, i love them to bits and think they are top quality, but i cant afford them full price, so i get them on special ( or in the $5 bin).

  2. I love the duochrome effects that the Infallibles have!

    This shade is just so gorgeous...I actually bought it once but mine had been tampered with when I opened it, so I actually just returned it. And I was too traumatised to take a replacement, but I'm regretting that now! I might have to go buy it. :P

    I actually really loved this greenish gold shade they had but I think it might have been a lim edition as I haven't seen it since!

  3. I've been slowly building my collection because I love these eyeshadows too! I'm always envious of the wonderful colour selection the US and Canadian market have available - our selection is so sadly limited :(

  4. This is an absolutely stunning blue! I have an Infallible Eyeshadow from L'Oreal in a silvery/taupe colour and I use it all the time. It's the bomb X

  5. Lady S... I'm glad I'm not the only one that won't pay full price for them!

    MM... I've seen a khaki green colour before and it's gorgeous.

    Sue... Ohh it's beautiful. I'm so glad that I bought it.

    Vita.. I agree about the colour selection. It's annoying missing out on colours and limited edition ones.

    Ingrid...Hahahaha they are the bomb :) I need more now.