Her Fashion Box: April "Classic Box" 2013

Wednesday 17 April 2013

At lunch time today the post man brought me my second Her Fashion Box. And he couldn't have been slower!! I had been stalking the front door since getting my "on board with driver" Australia Post update this morning.

I had been trying my hardest to not look at blogs or youTube, as I didn't want any spoilers. Surprisingly, I seemed to skip any internet spoilers and when I opened my box it was a complete surprise!!

Here's what was in the "Classic" box...

The first thing that I noticed was a HUGE self tanner from "Bondi Sands." It's been nearly a year and a half since I last faked tanned!!! I don't do it very often, but am really interested in this. I've never used a product from Bondi Sands before. 

It's a foam formula that has a pump applicator, which makes application so easy. It's Australian made with a gorgeous coconut scent. When I was in my late teens and used fake tan, they smelt awful! Luckily in the last decade there has been a huge improvement on not only smell, but also the colour selection. Being pale has made it hard for me, and as a teen there only seemed to be two colours available... light orange or dark orange. 

Luckily I was sent a Light/Medium colour. I'm not sure how natural it will look on my light skin, but I'm interested in trying it. It retails for $19.95 for 200mls, so it's an affordable option if I end up liking it. 

Secondly I noticed a Schick "Hydro Silk" razor. I've used this quite a few times before and love it. I'm currently using a Schick Quattro and while it's nice, the Hydro Silk gives me a smoother and softer feeling. This retails for $10.00 and includes one cartridge.

The Schick razor and the tanner are quite big, but after taking them out I saw 2 make up items. 

Firstly there is a ModelCo lipstick and lipgloss duo. I actually own quite a few of these and the "Shine Ultra Lip Glosses." I always seem to use up the lipgloss but never the lipstick, purely because I'm a lipgloss girl. This has "Nude" lipstick and "Watermelon" gloss, which work really nicely together. This retails for $24.00.

There's also a black ModelCo eyeliner included, which retails for $26.00. I don't wear eyeliner often because I have small eyes, and I find that black eyeliner can make my eyes look even smaller. Also I don't apply it often because I'm lazy!! I do love that it has a inbuilt sharpener, which is fantastic as I ALWAYS lose my sharpeners. It's also a great idea to have the inbuilt sharpener so you can put it in your bag for touch ups. 

I love that the fashion product comes in a bag to keep it safe! The classic fashion item is a plain silver cuff bracelet. It's a simple everyday piece that will go with any outfit. They've retailed this at $39.95, which I think is overpriced. If I saw it in Diva or Lovisa  I wouldn't pay more than $15-$20 for it. 

I really adore the "feminine" bracelet which is a black or gold lace looking cuff. It's really pretty and is more my style. I'm hoping that I'll be able to find the lace cuff (or similar) in Sportsgirl or Lovisa/Diva so I can have one!!

The "trendy" fashion accessory is also a cuff bracelet, but it has spikes. It came in either gold or silver. I think it was a great accessory to have, since their last box had a spike hair tie! 

Finally I noticed that there was something else in the box! It was black and lying flat, so it slightly camouflaged in with the black wrapping paper. 

It was another Bondi Sands product! This time it's a "Self Tanning Mitt." I think it's a great inclusion and goes perfectly together with the tanner. One of the annoying things about applying fake tan is the orange hands you end up getting! I've never used a tanner mitt (since I don't tan often), so I'm interested to see how effective this is. This retails for $9.95. 

The magazine that comes with it is so great!! It's full of tips on how to use the products and information on the brand. It also shows you how to wear your fashion accessory. 

Overall, I'm happy with the box. For me it didn't live up to the first box (you can see the first box here), but the first box was amazing. It had a soap that I'm using at the moment and LOVING. The make up brush is great (and I want to try more of the range). I always love a lipgloss. The hair samples were INCREDIBLE!!! My hair felt so soft and smooth after using it. And the fashion accessories were cool. 

I can't wait to see what next month brings. I'm not sure how many of these boxes I'll get as the $39.95 price tag is a bit steep, especially if you've signed up to other beauty boxes. 

To see the other boxes, check out Kayte's blog post on the Feminine Box or Oz Product Junkie's youTube video of the Trendy Box.


  1. I LOVED the first box, this one would be slightly disappointing to me if I was still signed up...I already have most of the items and I'm really a bit over receiving so many tanning products (which I obviously have no need for :P).

    I think it's fair to send them out but then again, there's only a small percentage of the population that uses them, which makes it a bit difficult to even give away!

    I'm seriously loving the cuff from the feminine box though, if I'd received that I wouldn't really have cared what was in the rest of the box. :P I've been after that sort of cuff for ages but can't seem to find one. :(

  2. We got the same things except I got a gold lacy cuff which is perfect for what I'm wearing to a wedding on Friday:)

    I'm excited to try the Bondi Sands tan, hopefully it will look nice and natural!


  3. MM... Ahh yes, you don't need to tan :) Have you dried searching ebay for a cuff? Or maybe check Forever New, Bardot, Portmans as they seem to do good accessories.

    Ingrid...Ohhh you're so lucky!! I love that cuff.