Kiss Goodbye To MS With Maybelline Super Stay 14hr Lipstick in "Ravishing Rouge" (065)

Friday 31 May 2013

This is going to be a pretty big statement, but this is not just a beautiful red, it's THE red!!! It's the red I picked to wear for World MS Day and is THE red that's made it into my holy grail list. 

From the moment I put on "Ravishing Red," I felt like a bombshell. Even though it's quite an intense red, it feels so wearable. 

The packaging is a little bit different from a usual lipstick. It has a rounder outer packaging, rather than a straight up and down tube. The bottom half is also see through packaging with the lipstick colour showing.  This makes it easy to find in your make up bag, rather than a Revlon lipstick that has all black outer packaging. 

The lipstick bullet is also different than your classic bullet. It's angled, instead of a more triangular tip. Even though it's different, it's still really easy to apply the lipstick straight from the bullet. 

The first thing you notice about the lipstick is the scent. It smells AMAZING!! When I first tried it, the smell reminded me about of jelly beans. I asked my hubby what it reminded him of and he said Allen's Snakes! And he's right. It smells sweet and delicious. If you love sweet smells, you'll love it. But I know for others it will be way too much and will turn them off the product. 

It's a beautiful red, that really makes your teeth look super white. 

It has a super stay 14 hour formula. I can't say it lasted for 14 hours, but I did find that it looked great for 8 hours with a touch up. 

I've fallen in love with this lipstick, and now will be collecting more of their range. 

Have you tried any of this range?

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  1. That colour is gorgeous but, ugh, that packaging puts me right off.

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  3. Bridget...Why don't you like the packaging?

  4. Love these. The colours are mostly pretty subtle, daytime colours (with the exception of Ravishing Red and Fuchsia Forever) but they are a beautiful semi-matte and I find they last pretty well.