Kiss Goodbye To MS With Ulta3 "Wet Red" (016) and "Cherry Wine"(001) Lipstick

Sunday 26 May 2013

If you've never worn, or bought, a red lipstick before it can be quite intimidating. There are so many different reds available. If you're unsure about what type of red to wear, then it's sometimes better to buy an inexpensive lipstick first, rather than spending $50 on a high end red that you only will wear a handful of times. 

Ulta3 are a huge favourite of mine, from when I was younger. The first product I ever bought from them was their nail polishes. Because I didn't have a lot of money to spend, they were a brand I could count on for a great nail polish at an inexpensive price. 

Their beauty line has expanded and now they have everything you could ever need for under $10.

Their lipstick range has over has 52 colours. 

I have 2 colours to show you today. They're both from the Moisturising range. At only 2.95 each, you can afford to buy every colour!! They also do have 10 matte shades, which are $3.95. 

When you first buy this, it not only has the name of the shade at the bottom of the lipstick, but also there's a sticker on the side of the lipstick with the name and a barcode. I took mine off after taking the photos, because it had the name at the bottom of the tube.

The packaging is really simple. The lid is black, and "Ulta3" is written on one side. It's not very obvious on the left hand photo, but the flash picked it up in the right photo. You can also see what type of shade it is (pink, nude or red) at the bottom of the case.

I found that the colour of the lipstick bullet was redder than when I swatched it on my arm, and also onto my lips.

Freshly applied

"Wet Red" is such a gorgeous pinky red. If you apply it on sheerly (or with one layer) it's more of a pinky red. But if you layer it, then it becomes more vibrant and glossy. 

Faded colour

If you've eaten or have been wearing the shade for a few hours it starts to very slowly wear off. It has an almost staining effect, so even when it wears away you still have some colour remaining. As you can see from the above photo, after a while it becomes slightly more of a pinky red. 

The other colour I picked up was "Cherry Wine." Sadly I wasn't able to swatch it instore, but picked it up as the outer packaging looked really red (and also it was only $2.95!). 

While it looks quite red in the packaging, on the lips it's more of a berry colour than a classic red. 

One layer applied

Multiple layers applied
The more you layer the lipsticks, the more intense the colour is and it also becomes glossier. 

Just like "Wet Red," the colour lasts for ages. It's also so soft and smooth to apply onto your lips. After about 2-3 hours my lips started to feel a bit dry, but that's because I'm obsessed with applying lip balm all the time. 

The only negative about the product has to be the fact that it's not easily available for everyone, but you can find your nearest stockist here.  

Have you tried any of the Ulta3 lipsticks?


  1. I've never tried these but have always heard great things about them :) I can't wait try some!

  2. That is actually really affordable! Wish I had known about it when I decided to experiment with red lipsticks. Haha, wouldn't have felt so bad 'wasting' it on testing new looks. Now I'm just really tempted to get myself "wet red". Do wear it out at the next meet! xx


  3. Sarah... Pick some up!! They are so incredibly affordable but still great quality.

    Sherry... I'll try to remember to wear it. At only $2.95, even if it doesn't look that great it doesn't matter. ;)