Benefits Of Using A Lip Liner And How To Use It

Monday 27 May 2013

People are either in 2 camps when it comes to lip liners. They either love them or hate them.

While you might think they are pointless or too hard to use, here's some reasons why you should try one today....

They can help you to create even lips, by creating a new lip line. Just be careful to not go overboard. You still want your lips to look real!

When lip liner is applied all over the lips, before adding lipstick, it can help your colour go all day!

Lip liner can be used as a lip colour. Fill in your lips with the lip liner, and then apply lipbalm or lip gloss on top to stop your lips drying out

It stops your lipstick or even lipgloss from feathering and going outside your lip line

So now you know the benefits, what else do you need to know about lip liner?

If you're worried about a wonky line, then start with a clear lip liner. It can help you get comfortable with using one, but you don't have to worry about perfect application since you can't see any lines. 

If you're worried about a line, then use a lip brush (or your clean finger tips) to softly smudge it so you don't see a harsh line. 

It might help to apply lip liner in small strokes, rather than a big long line. It can help with accuracy. You can also rest your elbow on a table top/counter to help steady your hand if you're really clumsy or bad at drawing in the lines. 

Every make up artist has their own opinion on what looks best when it comes to lip liner. Some swear by using only a nude lip liner so if your lipstick fades, then you don't see any obvious lines. Others say to match your lipstick with your lip liner. 

Personally I think do what suits YOU and what you feel comfortable with! 

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  1. I LOVE lip liners! I agree - you either love them or you hate them. I just love how they can give your lips so much dimension :)

    Great post lovely.


  2. Great tips here hun! I'm not a big user myself (only out of pure laziness) but I absolutely adore them!

  3. Sarah... It's odd how people love or hate them.

    Jasmine... Hahahaha laziness make me skip things too ;)