Priceline Haul + Bourjois GWP

Sunday 12 May 2013

I'm not done with my haul posts this week!!! On Friday I showed you my Revlon GWP Haul and today I have a haul from Priceline. 

Firstly I bought some haircare. Priceline were having selected Pantene Clinicare products on special for only $4.99, so I picked up the "Frizz Defying Serum Concentrate" and "Intensive Resilience Masque." I haven't tried these before, but have used a couple of products from the Clinicare range, and have really liked them. I also picked up the Dove "Nutritive Therapy Nourishing Oil" which I have previously bought (and also have reviewed here). It's a great oil and I love to use it as a hair oil for overnight to repair my hair. It makes it soft and shiny the next day. It's also great to apply 30-60 minutes before washing your hair as a pre treatment.   

I also finally saw the new Face Of Australia Glitterati nail polishes instore and snapped up 3. I've seen them on Australian blogs lately, and was stalking my local Priceline store for them. They have 8 in total, but these 3 are my favourites. I picked up (left to right) "Heart Of Glass," "Studio 54" and "Looking for some hot stuff." Most likely, I'll end up picking up the other colours in the range, as they are fantastic! I also picked up the new Sally Hansen Lustre Shine nail polish in "Moonstone." It's a great pearly white that I thought would be a great undercoat for the Glitterati polishes. 

Next I saw 2 great new lip products. On the left are 2 of the new Max Factor Colour Elixir Giant Stick Pens. I was on the lookout for them earlier in the week, but they weren't instore, so I could barely contain myself when I saw them. I wanted them allllllllll!! I picked up only 2 to first try out, and then if I love them I'll get more. I decided on 2 darker colours, "Passionate Red" and "Designer Blossom" since we are in Autumn here in Australia. These lip sticks are only $10!!! I haven't used a lot of Max Factor, but used to always steal my mums Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara when I was younger. 

I also saw a new Models Prefer stand with their new "Moisture Lust Glossy Lip Tint." I've never seen or heard anything about these, but they felt really soft when I swatched them instore. Because I wasn't sure how they would perform, I just picked up one called "Tutti Fruitti." They look similar to the Revlon Kissable Lip Stains. I'm interested to see how these and the Max Factor lip products compare to the Kissable Lip Stains. 

I adore the Lanolips lip ointments, and picked up "Apples" which is a gorgeous red. It was on special for only $6!

Bourjois are a brand that I absolutely love. They are a mix between decently priced products and high quality available at the "drugstore." I adore their "Healthy Mix" foundation and recently fell in love with their new "Rouge Edition" Lipsticks

I was in Priceline and originally wasn't planning on buying anything from Bourjois. But I saw on the Bourjois stand they had their new products and noticed some coloured eyeliners. 

There are 4 colours, but I was instantly drawn to "Bleu Neon" (46) and "Blue Remix" (45). 

Priceline currently have a GWP when you spend $25 or more, you get...

Volumizer Mascara in "Noir" (01)
Liner Clubbing in "Absolute Black" (liquid eyeliner)
So Laque Ultra Shine in "Beige Glamour" (27) 

What have you picked up recently at Priceline? Is there anything in my haul that you'd love to see swatches of, or a review?

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  1. Some lovely goodies you picked up at Priceline. I been looking for the FOA polishes but they don't seem to be available near where I live.

  2. I'm so jelly you got Studio 54! I've been looking everywhere, haha, but I have Dancing Queen and the red (the name of which I've temporarily forgotten).

    I might get some of the new MP pencils...but I think I'll skip the MF for now, swatched a couple and they are very pigmented though. :)

  3. I loveeee face of australia nail polishes! You should try the colours from their pastel range :) all of them are gorgeous!