Dr Lewinn's "Anti-aging Primer" Review

Wednesday 12 June 2013

Dr Lewinn's is known for their skincare, but they also have a make up line. It includes a primer, concealer, foundation, pressed powder and illuminiser. I bought the primer and concealer late last year and am bringing you a review of the primer today. 

All of their make up have an anti-aging formula, which I love. There's nothing better than a skincare make up hybrid. Most mornings I can't have a shower without my daughter cutting it short (which is awkward when you only have one leg shaved!), so my skincare and make up routine needs to be quick. 

For those mornings when she is comes in and wants to go through our bathroom draws, I need a quick beauty fix before she ruins all of my make up (lipsticks are her favourite!). I love that I can use this primer quickly, and not feel bad about skipping a serum.

This primer has everything that I need in a primer. It doesn't have that awful silicone feeling that some primers have. It has the consistency of a facial moisturiser and feels similar. It's really easy to apply onto the skin and sinks in quickly. I normally like to wait a minute or two for a primer to sink in before applying a foundation/BB cream, but with this primer I don't need to wait. 

The primer lasts all day. While it's not specifically a mattifying primer, it does stop my skin from looking and feeling greasy. It contains "Evermatt" which helps absorb excess oils and helps to reduce pore visibility.

The anti-aging ingredients are Rose Stem Cells, Tourmaline and Pro Collagen Peptide. These ingredients help reduce visible wrinkles and pores, moisturises the skin, gives skin a radiant look and improves firmness of the skin. 

I adore the packaging. It has a luxe look (at an affordable price). The packaging reminds me of Hourglass packaging. It's in a glass bottle, with a pump. I adore the pump as it's less fiddly than other types of packaging. 

The primer cost $29.95 for 30mls, and is available from Priceline and selected chemists. Call 1800 630 056 for your nearest stockist. 

Have you tried any of the Dr LeWinn's make up line?

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  1. I have tried both the primer, foundation and illuminator from this range, and absolutely love them all, so I have since repurchased both the primer and foundation (the illuminator is still going strong!). Like you, I think its fantastic that the product also contain anti-ageing ingredients

  2. I actually have never tried any Dr Lewinn's products - cant believe that! Great review ;-)

  3. I really enjoyed reading your review.

    I have tried the foundation and the powder and I can't say I was very impressed with either. I love their skincare and nailcare range but not to keen on the cosmetics.

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    Jac x0x