Eles "Dual Action Concealer" Review

Monday 22 July 2013

Over the last two months I've been having issues with break outs and congested skin. When researching how to get rid of the congestion, one of the methods suggested was using mineral foundations and products. Not only are they great for the skin, they also help the skin to breath rather than being mask like. 

ELES Mineral Make up is a mineral make up line that gives you all the goodness of mineral make up in sleek packaging. There are quite a few mineral make up lines that have basic packaging, but ELES is pure sophistication. 

Their hypoallergenic formulas contain ingredients that are actually good for your skin. While it's make up, the ingredients selected having skincare qualities and results. 

Ingredients like vitamin A, C and E, aloe and chamomile not only are calming on the skin, but also are great antioxidants that help with anti aging. 

One of their newest products is the Dual Action Concealer. This isn't like all of the other concealers that I've used before. It's a peachy salmon colour. Since I'm pale I was slightly hesitant as I struggle to colour match at the best of times. 

What it looks like out of the tube

How it looks when starting to rub into the skin
*Heavily swatched so it will show up in photos*

TA-DA!! It sinks into the skin and camouflages 

Even though it's a salmon colour, it will suit most skintones. It easily sinks into the skin and camouflages dark circles and corrects blue undertones and shadows. 

Because of the caffeine it energises the skin, reduces dark circles and puffiness. Overtime it also helps with fine lines. It contains dermal fillers, so it's great for those pesky fine lines around the sides of my eyes. 

It's a medium coverage concealer, but it can easily be built up to provide more coverage if needed. I find if I use the smallest amount it can also provide a lighter coverage if I don't have puffy eyes or dark circles. Even when I've used this with more coverage, I haven't had issues with caking. I've also found that it lasts all day and night. 

The tube is really easy to use. You have 18 months to use it once it's opened before it goes off. I'm glad it's so long, as a little bit really goes a long way. I can imagine I'll still have some left even after using it every day for at least a year!! 

You can purchase the concealer for $37.50 from the ELES online site here

Have you swapped to mineral make up when your skin goes berzerk?

I was kindly sent this for consideration. All thoughts and views are completely my own, and are always 100% honest. See my disclosure policy here.

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  1. I adore ELES products but haven't tried this concealer yet. I use a salmon based corrector daily to rid myself of my hereditary dark rings and I always look much more rested with this in conjunction with a concealer. I love the idea of an all in one so will definitely consider this when I need to replace my current one.

  2. This sounds great :) no I haven't tried mineral makeup before really at all! But I don't usually have a problem with makeup breaking me out, it's usually hormones :(

  3. Love ELES Cosmetics! This concealer looks fantastic, should definitely check it out!

  4. Sounds like a great concealer. I recently started using mineral makeup and loving it so far. Will have to check out ELES.

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  5. Hmmm...interesting and impressive indeed! I wanna try this one out. Love the shade and it seems to blend well with the skin. This will be my first time to try this brand.

  6. Kate... you'll love this! It's amazing.

    Mishelle... ughhh damn hormones! Mineral make up is great for anyone, even if you have perfect skin :)

    Sue... Their products are amazing. I'm a bit late on the bandwagon, but adore them!!

    Trishie... What brands of mineral make up are you using?

    Jessica... Let me know how you go with it! I love that even though my skin is pale, it still was able to blend in! It's like magic make up.