Beauty On A Budget: NP Set "Eye Shadow Brush" and "Lip Brush" Review

Friday 12 July 2013

NP Set is the diffusion line from make up extraordinaire Napoleon Perdis. I've been a huge fan of NP products for years and I have a range of his products from brushes to blushes, primer to foundations. His NP Set line is a more affordable option for those on a budget that don't want to compromise on quality. 

I'm a huge brush fun, so when the beauty website Ry kindly offered to send me 2 NP Set brushes, I was so excited. For those of you that don't know, Ry is an Australian online beauty site that stock some amazing brands like Alpha H, Becca, Benefit, Moroccanoil, Essie, Parlux, Redken, Cloud 9 and more. One of the great things about them is the fact that they usually sell their 100% authentic products at below the recommended retail price! They also price match if you find a product at a lower price. You have a HUGE 120 day no hassle return policy and they have free shipping on orders over $99. With every purchase you get free samples and also rewards points to redeem on products (see their rewards program here).   

I already own 2 of the NP Set brushes (the Smokey Eye Duo Brush and the Sculpting Duo Brush) and love them. They're a great price, and work just as well as his Napoleon Perdis brushes do. 

The 2 brushes that I was sent were the Eye Shadow Brush and the Lip Brush. I don't use lip brushes often, so they are a product that I don't like to spend a lot on. Why spend $30 on a lip brush, when you can get this for $10!!! 

A lip brush is fantastic for applying lipstick. It helps to soften out harsh lines and makes it easy to apply to around your cupids bow. 

I also love to use this to smudge out kohl eyeliner. It's not too thick, but not too thin so I can help smudge out the liner without it moving up to my eyebrows! 

The Eye Shadow Brush is a fantastic brush to apply a quick swipe of eyeshadow. If I'm in a hurry, I turn the brush on it's side and use the brush to do a quick smokey eye. The brush costs only $11.96. It works just as well as the high end brushes I have that were 2 or 3 times the price of the NP Set brush. 

The Eye Shadow Brush is quite a thick brush. In the above photo, the Eye Shadow brush is above, with the eye shadow side of the Smokey Eye Duo brush below. As you can see the top brush is nearly twice the size.  

The brushes are made with synthetic hairs. They're really easy to wash, and they dry quite fast. I normally use baby shampoo to wash my brushes, and while I haven't had these 2 brushes for that long, my other 2 brushes are still soft and in great condition over a year later. I've also had no issues with the hairs shedding.

I love that the brushes show easily what the brush is for. If you're a newbie to brushes, it's a lifesaver! 

I was really impressed with the service I received from Ry. The brushes came securely packaged and safe. They also included Dermalogica samples and a $20 gift voucher from Zodee, which sells swimwear and lingerie. There's also a flyer with 8 coupons which you can use to save $10 off electrical, Fake Bake and NP Set products. The other coupons give you $5 off Redken, Dermalogica, Napoleon, Jane Iredale and L'Oreal. 

I know what I'll be using the 10% off electrical coupon on..... THIS!!! It's been on my wishlist since the beginning of the year.  

Check out Ry's website here. Also "like" them on Facebook here as they have great competitions and specials announced on their page. 

Have you tried anything from the NP Set line?

I was kindly sent these for consideration. All thoughts and views are completely my own, and are always 100% honest. See my disclosure policy here.

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  1. The brushes look pretty darn good! I've always been interested in what the NP range was actually about but constantly forget to look into it, this post did it all for me!

    xx Bridget

  2. these look really great and so affordable! cant believe you got 8 coupons as well haha - looks like youll get some good use out of them :P

    ♥ M & L

  3. I'm keen to give the lip brush a go... I have quite a few brushes but not a lip one for some odd reason! I'm currently a loyal fan of ecotools but can't see why I can't add one of these to my collection hehe ;)

  4. Bridget... I'm so glad that the post was helpful for you! :) Try them out. They are fantastic. I'm wanting to get their blush brush and crease blending brush soon.

    M & L... I love the fact that these brushes are affordable. So many times inexpensive brushes just don't cut. But these are the same great quality as my Napoleon Perdis brushes.

    Sarah... I love EcoTools too! Try these NP Set brushes too. It's nice having a varied set :)