First Impressions: Olay Advanced Cleansing System (Can It Rival My Clarisonic?)

Monday 29 July 2013

Last week I received something very exciting, and unexpected, in the mail. Priceline and Olay were so nice to gift me the new to Australia "Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleaning System." 

Now this isn't completely new to me. When I was looking at buying a Clarisonic back at the end of 2010, I stumbled across a similar looking product by Olay. The Olay cleanser was about a sixth of the price, but I couldn't find a lot of reviews at the time, so instead I bought the Clarisonic online since there were a lot of reviews online. 

Now it's Australia's time to get the Olay Cleansing System and I couldn't be more excited to be able to share it with you. One was sold every 3 minutes in the US between 2011-2012, so you know that it must be amazing!

The packaging is classic Olay. It's beautiful and easy to pick out in the many aisles of Priceline.

I love that from looking at the packaging it's easy to understand how to use it (especially if you've never seen or heard about it before). At the bottom of the outer packaging it has a use by date, which is always great. 

Inside, the products are neatly packaged. Inside there is....

The Cleansing System
A brush head

I was really happy that they include the batteries, as I'm one of those people that will buy my daughter a toy and forget the batteries... every single time. So it was nice to have them included so I could use it straight away.

The brush head is easy to apply and locks into place without issue, which is something that I find the Clarisonic lacks (I always have issues locking it into place). 

The batteries (AA's) are held in the handle. You rock the bottom of the handle back and forth and it's easily removed. 

There are two speeds on the handle. The bigger top button turns it on. It's also the gentle (or slower) speed. The bottom smaller button is a stronger, quicker speed.

One thing that struck me was how soft and gentle both speeds were. I find the Clarisonic can feel rough sometimes, but this was really gentle and slightly ticklish.

Because I don't like to try too many new things at once, I just used the device with my own cleanser instead of using the cleanser that comes in the box. 

Also to keep the brush lasting longer, I first remove my make up with a cleansing oil. Then I apply my cleanser onto my face and use the brush all over my face for 30-60 seconds. 

The brush helps to clean your skin 4 times better than just using your usual cleanser alone. It can also help your skincare products (like serums and moisturisers) penetrate better. 

After using this not only does your skin feel clean, it feels smoother and looks more radiant. 

The handle and brush are smaller than a Clarisonic. Personally I prefer this brush head. Because it's smaller it's great for getting around the curves of your nose. It's also the perfect size for between your eyebrows and down the bridge of your nose, as well as the sides of your eyes. 

Since the brush head is smaller, it doesn't feel as hard as the Clarisonic brush head. The replacement heads are only $9.95, so they're so affordable. In comparison, the Clarisonic replacement head is $29.00. It's suggested to change your brush head every 3 months, but if you use it daily check the brush head often as you may need to replace it every 2 months instead.

The only con I found was there is no timer that automatically turns it off after the recommended 60 seconds of use. But it's just a small thing that doesn't bother me. 

I can say without a doubt that my Clarisonic will be ignored now that I have this. It ticks all the boxes. It's gentle, easy to use, makes my skin so soft and is so affordable. The biggest plus is that because my skin can be quite sensitive and reactive, my skin doesn't become red after using it. At only $32.49 for the kit, it's perfect for every budget. 

Next time you're in Priceline, check it out. I promise you won't be disappointed! Otherwise it's available online now to buy here

Will you be purchasing this? Do you already use a face brush (manual or electric)?

PS This is included in Priceline's 40% off skincare sale on Tuesday 30th July and Wednesday 31st July. Get in quick!!!

I was kindly sent this for consideration. All thoughts and views are completely my own, and are always 100% honest. See my disclosure policy here.

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  1. This looks fantastic Amy. You get the whole kit for only a few dollars more than the Clarisonic head. I think I will investigate this for my son. Great review

  2. This sounds amazing, did you notice any breakouts after using this? Because I know lots of people went through a purging stage after using the Clarisonic.

  3. So excited to read this review. I have been wanting a brush like this for so long! I'm definitely going to look for this Olay one at Priceline tmorrow.

  4. Ooh thanks so much for this review! I have been thinking about splurging on the clarisonic so I will go searching for this tomorrow!!!

  5. Thanks for this review! It's so much cheaper than the Clarisonic! I think I'm likely to buy this as I am keen on getting the Clarisonic but am worried it will be a big waste of money if it doesn't work. And it's 40% off tomorrow and Wednesday-eek!!

  6. I'm going to buy one right now!!! Have called my local store and told them to hold one of the two that they have left!! lol! Excite!

  7. Sounds like you made up your mind about the tool before even buying it. The brush head is to small and doesn't properly cleanse the face, just goes through the motions and the purging stage doesn't happen to everyone just those that jump in to 2 times a day without giving their skin time to adjust. Also it is cheaper and a good option for those not that into skincare but their are flaws in design and function (for example the batteries, a smarter option would have been a re-chargable device, eg. clarisonic). I've used both and with a completely un-biased opinion (as price did not matter to me nor was I sent it) I can honestly say the clarisonic is better though the olay is a good supplement for those who can't afford it but it is worth saving up the money for the clarisonic and when you factor in the price of batteries the price difference between the brush heads isn't that different.

  8. I bought mine from Priceline today! Can't wait to try it tonight. Thanks for the review. I didn't even know about the Olay cleansing brush until I read this post. So much more affordable than the Clarisonic. I just couldn't justify spending over $100 on a cleansing brush so I'm glad this one is not only affordable, but recommended too :D

  9. I love this! I've never tried the Clarisonic solely because of the price. But now I'm glad Olay came up with this. Because really, it's just a brush why would brands charge so much for a brush that rotates?? I use this once a week instead of everyday. And yes my skin feels so smooth after using it!

  10. I've been thinking about purchasing a Clarisonic for a while now but was hesitant because of the price. I'm so glad I came across your review, can't wait to purchase!

  11. What a great review, thanks for your honesty & it's good to know the cheaper option doesn't always have to mean a sacrifice in quality! Looking forward to trying this now.