My Microdermabrasion Experience at "The Laser Lounge"

Friday 26 July 2013

I learnt about The Laser Lounge last month when the Adelaide beauty bloggers had a meet up there. We learnt all about DMK products, hair removal via their Vectus Laser and ways to make your skin radiant through salon treatments. You can read all about it here

One of the treatments that The Laser Lounge offers is microdermabrasion. I've never had a salon microdermabrasion, so I really wasn't sure what to expect. I've used an at home version of microdermabrasion, but they are very different. They're more of a rougher exfoliant and the results aren't like a salon.

Microdermabrasion is fantastic for promoting healthy skin. It rids the skin of the top layers (including the gross dead skin cells sitting on top of your skin), helps stimulate the production of collagen and brings fresh new skin up to the surface so your skin is soft, smooth and glowing. 

Even though I had been there only a couple of weeks earlier and filled out a questionnaire, the technician went over it to make sure nothing had changed. We also spoke about the products I was currently using and made sure that there wasn't anything that I was using that would make my skin more sensitive. We also talked about my skin concerns which is pigmentation due to pregnancy with my daughter 2 years ago. She also explained what the machine did and what to expect. It was then time to get the treatment.

Firstly she washed off the make up I had on. They use DMK products so it was a great way of getting to try out the DMK at home range. Once my skin was clean, it was time to start the treatment. 

The machine they use has an almost sand like crystal that goes onto the skin. It doesn't feel uncomfortable, just like you've got sand on your face. The machine also "sucks up" as it glides across your skin. Again it's not uncomfortable, just a different sensation. 

As we were doing the treatment, we were talking all things beauty. If you go into a salon for a treatment, get as much information as possible. Ask questions about your skin type (as you might just be surprised that your skin type is different than what you thought it was), possible treatments that would be good for your skin type, what products are good for your skin and more.  

After the microdermabrasion, she cleaned off the remaining crystals and applied some hydration and sun protection onto my skin. Whenever you're getting any treatment ALWAYS make sure they apply sun protection afterwards as your skin is more fragile. 

The treatment was really quick. It takes less than half an hour so it's still a procedure you can do in your lunch break. The great thing about microdermabrasion is that there's no "down time." 

Everyone has different skin and some (like me) will have pink skin after the treatment. My skin is naturally pink so I knew that I would have pink skin after the treatment anyway. The pinkness on my skin just looked like sunburn on my face. They also sell DMK make up there and can apply make up if you're going back to work or just prefer to have make up on when your out in public, so if your skin goes pink, don't worry!!! The make up is made to be safe for after treatments. 

After the treatment we talked about what DMK products they would suggest for my skin. Firstly we went through a whole routine. Then we picked out the essential products that are the foundation for clear, radiant skin. If you're on a budget like I am, find out what are the essential products you need.

They picked out....

Deep Pore Pure (cleanser)
Herb & Mineral Mist (a spray that assists the serums and creams to penetrate deeper into the skin)
Acu Creme (exfoliates dead skin cells and is great for congestion)
Solar Damage Gel 

I ended up purchasing the cleanser (Deep Pore Pure) and was kindly gifted the Solar Damage Gel at the bloggers meet up. Next on my list that I want are the Transdermal Sunblock (because sunscreen is the best anti aging product around), the Herb & Mineral Mist and the Direct Delivery Vitamin C Serum (which is great for helping with uneven skintone). 

My skin felt so soft after the treatment. It also felt quite dry and tight. It's not painful, just slightly uncomfortable. The level of tightness is almost like cleaning your face and skipping the moisturiser. Later that night I washed my faced and applied a serum and moisturiser and my skin no longer felt tight or dry. 

I was told that I should expect that for a day or two my skin will feel smooth, but then it will feel a little bit "crusty" for a day or two then become smooth again. Because your skin is thoroughly exfoliated during the microdermabrasion treatment, it's advised to wait a week before exfoliating again.

The next day I came down with the flu, so I feel like the results that I saw over the last 2 weeks aren't typical of what you would expect if you want to get the treatment. Because I was so sick, I wasn't really following my skincare routine as usual. I was lucky to wash my face daily while I was sick and skipped serums and moisturisers. All I was doing was washing my face with the DMK cleanser I bought and following it up with rosehip oil. If you're going to get a treatment like this don't skip applying your serum because serums work so much better as it's on fresh skin. My skin also looked dull because it was so busy fighting the germs internally.

What I did notice is that it did feel soft. Also in the last 2 weeks I've noticed my congestion start to clear. Even my hubby said my skin looked better (and he NEVER notices those types of things). 

I'm hoping to go back to the salon and get another one very soon so I can see how effective it is on my skin when my body isn't busy being sick. 

While the treatment was complimentary for me (as a gift from going to the blogger meet up), it costs $100 normally. While it's on the pricier side, I've been impressed with the results, even though I've been sick. I feel like it's worth spending more on skincare because then I'll need less make up. In the long run, better skin means less money spent on make up and less time correcting the redness. 

You can see what other treatments The Laser Salon has here

I'll be doing a review on the DMK cleanser next week and share my thoughts on how it's improved my skin and how it differs from typical cleansers. 

Have you ever had a salon microdermabrasion?

I was kindly provided the treatment for consideration. All thoughts and views are completely my own, and are always 100% honest. See my disclosure policy here.

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  1. I've had a salon microdermabrasion before. It made my skin soft and smooth but not by a huge margin. I probably won't be doing regular microdermabrasions until I'm in my 30's. Sorry to hear that you fell sick. Hope you're all better now!