My Vectus Laser (Hair Removal) Experience At "The Laser Lounge"

Thursday 25 July 2013

Every month the Adelaide beauty bloggers meet up to talk all things beauty. It's always a lot of fun because the girls are super nice and it's great to have someone to talk to that also loves hair, make up and skincare. 

Last month we were lucky enough to go to The Laser Lounge in West Lakes to learn about some great skincare products and treatments that are available there. I've never been to The Laser Lounge before so I wasn't sure what to expect. While they have laser in their name, they do a LOT more than just laser. 

They were so nice to have a LOT of yummy food for all of us. Nothing, besides beauty products, excites us bloggers as much as yummy scones (except chocolate or champagne!). 

At first we had a bit of a Q&A about The Laser Lounge, the products and brand (DMK) they use and how their salon is different than your regular salon. We had a couple of guest speakers too to help explain about the difference between laser and IPL and how our internal health impacts our skin. The guest speakers were Head of Cosmetic Services at The Laser Lounge, Dr. Amit Kapur, DMK Skin Revisionist, Kristen Schultz and Co-Founder/Head of Client Services at The Laser Lounge, Bita Beyzaee. 

What I really loved about The Laser Lounge is how much experience the staff have. It ranged from 6 years to over 16 years experience. They only hire the best of the best. Danne Montague King (the founder of DMK skincare) only wants his products sold in professional salons and each salon (and the staff) need to be at the top of their game. They go through lots of training and DMK products are only sold in selected salons. This is done to make sure that the right products are sold to people, and it also encourages customers to keep in contact with the salon staff to make sure that the products are still correct for their skin. 

The day had two parts to it. At first we learnt about DMK products and the treatments that the salon offers. 

Lucky Celeste from Becoming Beautiful was picked to have the DMK Enzyme Corrective Skin Treatment. The Enzyme treatment (also called the hulk mask as it is green) isn't your usual facial treatment. Some facials just make you feel good but they don't do a lot to the health of your skin. The enzyme treatment is one of those treatments that will change the health and feeling of your skin long after you've left the salon. 

Kristen applied the treatment and gave us so many great tips about skincare and salon treatments. She was honest about the fact that the salon can only do so much... the rest is up to you!! They can give you amazing treatments and assist in repairing your skin, but at the end of the day if you leave the salon and smoke, have a poor diet and skip the sunscreen then all of the hard work the salon does is undone. 

The DMK mantra is Remove, Rebuild, Protect, Maintain. The salon can help to remove the issues and use technology that rebuilds the skin. Then it's up to you to protect and maintain the skin by using at home products and keeping your skin healthy. 

So what were Celeste's thoughts about the facial...


You can see a quick video of the DMK Enzyme Therapy in action here.

While the treatment was doing its thing, we also learnt about hair removal. We were told that no technology that exists now is going to get rid of every single strand of hair. It's just not possible. But by using the Vectus Laser, they can get 80%. What I found so interesting is that they use our hair growth to set the timeline of when you should come in next. Unlike other salons that will do laser whenever, The Laser Lounge knows that if the hair isn't at the correct growth stage, no amount of zapping will actually stop the hair growth. This is why a lot of people get disappointed by the "results" from a typical salon. They are promised to be hair free in a small time frame, and are disheartened when they've spent thousands and still have hair. 

We all were given a complimentary treatment of the Vectus Laser on our underarms. Before we had the treatment we were given a questionnaire to fill out. What's great about the service there is they make sure it's safe for you. Your health condition and medication you may be taking is all noted down to they make sure your safe and cleared for the treatment. 

The treatment was so quickly. They shave under your arms (if you haven't already) and clean the area of deodorant. The Vectus Laser works so quickly. Depending on the area it can be finished in minutes.... yep minutes. My underarm had either 5 or 6 "zaps" and that was it. Then 5 or 6 on the other underarm, and it was finished. 

It doesn't hurt, but feels more uncomfortable. It felt like being flicked with a rubber band. But because it happened so quickly, it's easy to put up for the minute or two it took each arm. 

Since having it, I've surprisingly noticed less hairs. They also seem to have grown back slower than normal. So for only 1 treatment, I've been so impressed! The gorgeous staff member that did my treatment said she has had it done, and she only has about 5 hairs remaining!! 

They are able to adjust the Vectus Laser, so ALWAYS say if the pain is too much (as everyone has different pain levels) or if it just doesn't feel right. 

Kate from Seduced by Beauty has a great wrap up on her Vectus Laser experience, which you can read about here. Check out her great pictures of the process of the Vectus Laser. Also Sarah from A Beautiful Story has written about her experience here

If you're interested in hair removal, see the staff in person so they can assess the area and let you know how many times you'll need the treatment. As we're all different, some people may only need a handful of treatments and others more. 

One great thing about The Laser Lounge is the fact that they have salons in NSW and QLD too!!! The West Lakes salon is a beautiful place that has the friendliest staff. They are extremely professional and the salon is spotless. 

See the Laser Lounge website here for their locations and treatments. Also like their facebook page here to find out about specials and competitions. 

You can see the DMK website here to learn about their products. 

When was the last time you went to a salon for a treatment? 

I was kindly provided the treatment for consideration. All thoughts and views are completely my own, and are always 100% honest. See my disclosure policy here.

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  1. What a great write up Amy. It is always lovely to share the day with you and the other members of ABBM. Thanks for the link to my post :-) I haven't had to shave my underarms since the treatment - got to be happy with that.

  2. I really enjoyed all of the info you have given in this post. It's great that not only did you learn so much, you were able to tell us about your own laser experience too. It sounds like a little bit of short term discomfort is really worthwhile. That enzyme treatment sounds wonderful too. Great post :D

  3. Laser still freaks me out!! It's one of those things that I never believe when people say "It doesn't hurt"!! I really want to try it out though and maybe one day convince myself

    Great post xx

  4. I have a good experience of laser hair removal. Laser hair temporal is good than IPL hair removal. It does not have any side effects. I consulted with the experts about this. They all suggested me for laser treatment. I took laser hair removal treatment at Havana. they are very good in this.

  5. Kate- That's amazing! I've noticed less hair but sadly still have to shave.... ahh the daily struggles us girls go through ;)

    Susannah- The great thing about the laser is it's only the smallest amount of discomfort. If it means less hair removal, then it's worth it :)

    Lisa- Hahahaha While I won't lie and say there is no feeling at all, it's really quick. 30-60 seconds of an odd feeling is very easy to deal with. You could always go and get a consultation and possibly try it out to see the pain level. They can turn it up and down depending on how you react :)

    Jenny- That's fantastic! I love that you did a lot of research. When you are spending so much, you want the best results possible.

  6. I really enjoyed all of the info you have given in this post. It's great that not only did you learn so much, you were able to tell us about your own laser experience too. It sounds like a little bit of short term discomfort is really worthwhile. That enzyme treatment sounds wonderful too. Great write up!