Holy Grail Alert! David Babaii Boar Bristle Miracle Brush Review

Thursday 4 July 2013

Back in May, I purchased a David Babaii pack from TVSN (which you can see here). It had a mixture of products and I was so excited to get it. I had tried a few DB styling products before and was excited to try more of the range.

Two of the products that were in my pack were the Boar Bristle Miracle Brush and his Professional Ceramic Curling Iron. Because both of these products aren't for sale instore, I hadn't heard or read any reviews about them.

From the moment I used the brush it was love. I use this as my last step in styling. I use it on dry hair to brush through curls, to help them drop slightly and become softer, old hollywood glamorous curls. I also love to use it after blowdrying my hair. It not only helps to get out any knots, but makes my hair look soft, glossy and helps combat frizz

Boar bristle brushes are expensive but worth it. The most famous bore bristle brushes are from Mason Pearson. They are $100+ but are in every hairstylists kit for a reason.... they are life changing! 

What makes boar bristles so great is the fact that they have the same structure as our hair. They're great for stimulating the scalp and help to slide the moisture from our scalp down to the ends. 

I'm sure that Rapunzel used a boar bristle to keep her hair healthy, shiny, strong and very very long!! 

I prefer to slowly brush small sections of my hair to make sure every strand is brushed through to give me soft and shiny hair, rather than using it quickly as a normal brush. 

The packaging of the brush is beautiful too, with it's wooden back and handle. It's big enough that it's comfortable in your hand, but not too big that it's heavy or awkward. 

I adore this brush, and hope in the future that David releases a brush range, as  the right brush can make or break a hair style. 

There's a free 30 day trial on his website (which you can see here), that includes the brush and curling wand that aren't available in stores. Otherwise TVSN is selling packs that include the brush here, but currently they're not on sale, but they have great specials on every once in a while. 

Do you scrimp or splurge when it comes to hair brushes?

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  1. Gosh it sounds like I need that brush. You make it sound so luxurious. What did you think of the curling iron? I'm not a big fan of the one I'm using now. Thanks!

  2. I love the sound of this brush! I used to have one so similar to this when I was younger, I really loved it! Great review xx


  3. That brush is divine! I am saving up for a Mason Pearson - one day it will happen:) x

  4. Susannah... I have only just quickly used the curling iron, so I can;t really say how it works, but I'm hoping to do a review very soon :)

    Gemma... It's such a great brush. I'm glad you enjoyed the review :)

    Ingrid... hahahaha it's the dream isn't it. But it's just SOOOOO much money to spend on a brush, no matter how amazing it is.