Holy Grail Alert! ELES Mineral Blush in "Coral Sun" Review

Tuesday 6 August 2013

I've already reviewed 2 ELES Mineral Make Up products recently (which you can read here and here) but today I'm reviewing my favourite ever product from them. This has been used pretty much everyday for the last month!! Why, when I have so many blushes, is this the one I keep reaching for?

Firstly, the packaging is beautiful and luxe (like all of their products). It also has a clasp (which you can see in the above photo) that's so easy to open. I own a few "too hard to open" beauty products and honestly, I don't reach for them often as they just frustrate me too much. 

Another thing that I love about the packaging is that you can see the colour through the see-through lid. It's fantastic because it makes it easier to find if you keep it in your make up bag. 

When it comes to the product, the colour is gorgeous. It's one of those colours that isn't too pink, isn't too orange and seems to look great on any skin type. I adore it on my pale skin, and yet it looks amazing on Nalini from The Made Up Maiden (you can see swatches on her darker skin here).  

On my skin, it seems to have more of a coral undertone, while on Nalini's skin the pink seems to be more obvious. 

One great thing about this blush is how buildable it is. I can just apply one small swipe onto my cheeks and it gives me soft colour with a radiant glow. If I want more of an impact, I just apply two or three layers for a gorgeous bright colour that shines without being shiny.

I love that this blush has a gorgeous sheen to it. It's perfect for those days where a highlighter is too much but I still want a bit of a glow. But even if I want to apply a powdered highlighter, it works well with the blush. 

The blush also lasts all day!

If I could only buy one blush, THIS would be it! 

It's available here for $39.50. They also have 2 matte blushes available here for $45.00. I need all of their blushes in my life now! 

For the month of August (2013), when you purchase $100 or more you receive a Bronzer duo of your choice (there are 4 shades to choose from, which you can see here). 

Have you even fallen in love with a product that made you completely ignore all of your other products? What was it?

I was kindly sent this for consideration. All thoughts and views are completely my own, and are always 100% honest. See my disclosure policy here.

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  1. What a gorgeous blush :) its interesting how it seems to take on a different colour with different skin tone!

  2. I completely echo your thoughts on this blush. I adore it aswell. I am not sure how many blushes I own (I would probably be too embarrassed to fess up) but I think this is perfect for all skin colours aswell. Because you don't need much this will last us for ages :-)

  3. Great review, Amy! I agree, I think it will look lovely on most skintones! I love how coral it appears on you, I'm a bit jealous! A lot of blushes tend to appear pink on me, and I'm lusting after the matte blushes too!

    Thanks for the mention, doll!

  4. The colour is really gorgeous. I like that it has a slight pinkish tone to it.

    PS: New La Mav skincare pack giveaway on the blog, hope you enter: http://www.underlockandkeyblog.com/2013/08/la-mav-review-and-giveaway.html

  5. Oooh. That is such a pretty colour! I have yet to try ELES out. Thanks for the review/alert! :)

  6. Awww... you ladies are soooo sweet!

    Amy, you made us blush with this: "Have you even fallen in love with a product that made you completely ignore all of your other products? What was it?"

    Much love,

  7. Sarah- It's a fantastic blush for any skintone :)

    Kate- hahaha yes, I have WAY too many blushes

    Jasmine- Isn't it beautiful on her :)

    MM- You're welcome hun

    Trishie- It's really the most beautiful blush.

    Ty- You should try them out. They have gorgeous products.

    ELES- Thank you for having such an amazing product :)

    Lys- It's so amazing!!