First Impressions: Face Of Australia "Budge Proof (Cream) Eyeshadow"

Sunday 1 September 2013

On Friday I went into town and couldn't help but pop into Priceline and see what new products were there. 

Hiding inconspicuously on a shelf in the Face Of Australia display, I saw their new "Budget Proof" cream eyeshadow range.

With the success of the Maybelline cream shadows, it was only a matter of time before other drugstore brands released their own version. 

The packaging is very similar to Maybelline Colour Tattoo's. You can see the colour through the glass.

The black lid has the name of the colour on it. The only thing missing is how many grams are in the packaging. 

Because I hadn't heard anything about them and their performance, I decided to just pick up two colours. A light colour, "Pink Frosting," and a dark colour called "Tip Top Taupe."

"Pink Frosting" is a beautiful pale pink which I thought would be great as a base, or also as a light simple eye colour by itself. 

"Pink Frosting" is my favourite out of the two. It's so easily wearable and is beautiful to wear underneath another colour.

One thing that I love about this is how easy it is to build up. For more of a shimmer and sheen, I apply a light swipe onto the eyelid. But if I apply more, it becomes more of a pinky peach and the shimmer isn't as obvious. 

I've tried it as a base under "Tip Top Taupe" and also underneath the new Rimmel "Scandaleyes Shadow Stick" which is also a cream formula. Underneath the Rimmel cream eyeshadow I had absolutely no creasing at all...even without a primer. 

"Tip Top Taupe" was a little bit more of a hit and miss for me. I was looking at this and another one (which is called "Bronze Sphinx") and I have a feeling I picked up the wrong one. Does anyone else do that when they have 10 different swatches on your arm instore?

One thing that I noticed when applying these was I found it much easier (and precise) to use a brush, especially in the crease to do a smokey eye. 

When applied lightly, I noticed more of the shimmer/glitter and less of the actual colour. But when applied heavily, it becomes quite dark and less glittery.

I was hoping to use this to do a smokey eyes, but I feel like it's too dark for my complexion. It's beautiful, but just not the best for my eyes, as they are on the small side and dark colours can just look too harsh and make my eyes seem smaller.

It's best to use the colour quickly, as they set incredibly fast and become (like the name suggests) budge proof! 

I'm still yet to try either of these as a base under a powder eyeshadow. 

There are 8 colours available. I love that there's a mixture of bright colours and more natural, neutral colours.

I've been really impressed with these over the last 2 days and want to pick up more colours. I really hope these are successful and they release some more colours. 

Priceline currently have these on special. They're normally $8.95, but are currently on special for $7.16. They're cheaper than the Maybelline Colour Tattoo's, which are $11.95 each. 

Will you be picking up these?

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  1. I picked up the taupe one yesterday too and wore it today. I used it really lightly all over the lid and really loved the shimmery effect. Definitely going back to get more - the pink looks great.

    Kayte xx

  2. I found that even though I pay more for the Colour Tattoo, it gives a more vibrant and substantial feel so I've tried the budge proof, but don't like it as much. I tend to use the shimmer stick (or similar) for the lighter colours, can't beat the precision of a pencil!

  3. I can't wait to try these out!! Great review :) am actually about to head to Big W so I will keep an eye out!

  4. These look really interesting. Great review!

  5. They look like a cool option. I'm very happy with the Colour Tattoos but it's always fun to see brands releasing updates of products. Will do a swatcharoo next time I'm in store x

  6. Gah now I have to buy these! They are also animal cruelty free apparently

  7. Kaytlynz- I LOVE the pink one. It's so beautiful. I'm wearing it today :) The shadow sticks are great. So wearable. I'm interested in the brighter colours from FOA. I normally find that neutrals are better quality. Brights can be hard to do inexpensively.

    Sarah- Ahh BigW is great for FOA. I've bought so many FOA products from there when I lived in Sydney. Now I'm in Adelaide I don't have a close one :(

    Julie- I'm glad you liked the post :)

    Ingrid- I love the CTs too. It's always great to see how other brands interpret them.

    Jasmine- Hahahaha I know what you mean. I see so many cool things online and NEED them.