Holy Grail Alert! Natio Mineral Pressed Powder Bronzer and Enhancer in "Sunshine" and "Warm Day"

Monday 2 September 2013

I always love Natio's limited edition ranges. Their last "Sheer Delight" range was beautiful, and I still regularly use the blush and bronzer palette (which I've reviewed here). 

I'm so excited about their latest limited edition... which is actually a re-release of one of their most loved (and most requested to bring back) products. 

When I found out that Natio were discontinuing these a while back, I actually stocked up and had 3 of the pink and bronze duo. Yep, it's that beautiful!

The Bronzer and Enhancer powder comes in 2 colours, *Sunshine and Warm Day.

"Sunshine" is a tan and bronze duo. On the left is the lighter luminiser, and on the right is the darker bronzer.

Warm Day is best for cool toned complexions. On the left is a gorgeous baby pink highlighter and on the right is the bronzer. 

The outer packaging is simple. Its circular black packaging is really easy to open, but is secure when closed. 

I love that the inner packaging has a mirror! It's perfect for on the go application or if you like to have a close up mirror to apply your make up, especially your highlighter. 

On the packaging, it suggests to blend your brush over both of the colours. I actually used to just use the pink as a highlight and didn't wear the bronzer. 

Sunshine is great if you're warm toned, or if you have a darker complexion.

The actual product is beautifully packaged. It has a leaf detail, and the layout reminds me of "ying & yang."

The colour is washed out, but I wanted to include the photo
so you can see the detail of the leaf and the shimmer.

It's more of a sheen and a shimmer, rather than a sparkle or glitter highlighter. I find that it works so much better for a more natural look since it's glitter free.

"Warm Day" used to be my go to highlighter. It has the most beautiful pink highlighter. I find white highlighters can be too "disco" for day time. But this pink is a beautiful light colour that works well with my pale skin. 

Now onto the swatches....

This is "Sunshine" swatched on my arm. On the left is the bronzer, and the right is the enhancer. I've applied a light swatch on top, and then a heavier swatch at the bottom.

"Sunshine" enhancer

"Sunshine" bronzer

The enhancer on "Sunshine" is more golden, while the bronzer is more of a bronze, especially if you build it up.

Because it has a sheen, the bronzer isn't the best for contouring (unless you want a glowing contour colour).

"Warm Day" enhancer

The "Warm Day" enhancer is so gorgeous on pale skin. It has a sheen but I find that it's hard to build up and make it pinker. 

I tried to build it up to take photo's, but it's really hard to see on the photos. The top swatch on my arm looks similar to the bottom swatch on my arm. 

I would say the only difference is the heavier swatch is more powdery.

"Warm Day" bronzer

Like the "Sunshine" bronzer, it's a sheen so it's perfect for glowing skin but if you prefer a matte contour then this isn't it. 

I'm hoping to use the bronzer now that the sun is out and it's Spring here in Australia. 

This is perfect for anyone that wants to start using a highlighter, but isn't confident applying it. I find it's much easier to apply a powder, rather than a liquid highlighter. 

These are non-comedogenic. They contain minerals and plant extracts but doesn't contain talc or synthetic dyes, so it's great for anyone with sensitive skin. 

Both of these are currently available until they're sold out. You can purchase them from selected Priceline's, Myer and David Jones for $17.95.  

Will you be picking up this limited edition bronzer enhancer before it's gone again?

*I was kindly sent "Sunshine" for consideration. "Warm Day" was bought with my own money. All thoughts and views are completely my own, and are always 100% honest. See my disclosure policy here.

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  1. Ohhh these babies look great! Definitely swatching these next time in store! xx

  2. I bought Warm Day a few years ago while away on holiday. I think I still have it just haven't used it in a while. You have prompted me to pull it out of my collection & start using it again. It is a really nice duo!

  3. I actually received 'Warm Day' for free in a gift with purchase set about a year ago, and I absolutely love the highlighter. I use it everyday still. Haven't actually touched the bronzer to be honest haha
    Beauty Challenged

  4. They look great! Looks like i'm heading to the shops today to buy them.

    Littlewing Lou

  5. These look lovely! I'll definitely have a swatch fest next time I'm in Priceline!

  6. Jasmine- Swatch them!! They would look gorgeous on your skin.

    Kellie- Ahh I know what you mean. I have so many products that I used to love that have been sitting in my draws for far too long.

    Tegan- That's how I came to love them (by a GWP).

    Lou- Did you end up picking them up?

    Julia- They are soo pretty. Almost too pretty to use... almost! ;)