First Impressions: Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Stick in "Bad Girl Bronze"

Tuesday 3 September 2013

Rimmel have been on everyones lips lately with their new releases. Every UK blogger and youTuber has gone crazy over the Apocolips and I swear there was a shortage as most had a tough time finding a store that didn't have an empty display.

Another new product that has great overseas buzz is the "Scandaleyes Shadow Stick." They're now available in Australia, and I picked up one late last week.

The Shadow Stick is a cream eyeshadow in a pencil form. It's thicker than a eye pencil, but isn't too thick that I couldn't use it to apply eye liner on the top lid.

It's a 24 hr waterproof formula. I haven't tested out the waterproof claim, but have found that it lasts from day to night. 

I picked up "Bad Girl Bronze" which is such a wearable bronzed brown. I love that I can make it a darker brown or a light brown depending on how much pressure I apply. 

I really love using this as a contour colour on my crease. I apply it straight onto my skin, then use a brush to blend it out. The 3 times that I've used this, I've had no creasing at all. It's also lasted all day. Each time I've used this, I've a cream base underneath (you can see the cream base that I've used here). 

Here in Australia we have 9 colours. Surprisingly, in the UK there are only 5 colours!! Normally it's the other way around. It's a great selection of staple colours (like black, brown, grey and white) and bright jewel like colours (purple, turquoise, emerald and blue). You can see the range here

They cost only $12.95, so they're great value for money. Priceline currently has them on special. When you purchase 2, you get a 3rd one free. Since I've been loving using this, I'm going to pick up some more tomorrow when I go into town to visit the Priceline Beauty Editors Workshop for the 30 days of Fashion And Beauty. You can see the events that are in your city here.

Will you be picking up any of these? If so, which colour?


  1. I picked up purple and grey (too lazy to check the names now) - so far, I'm not as impressed as I thought I was going to be. To be fair, I haven't used them all that much yet :) x

  2. I am of mixed minds about these! So annoyed that they don't have testers as I don't want to double up on what I already have (storage space is at a premium)! I've also heard mixed reviews so I can't decide if I should take the plunge or not! Thanks for a great review though!


  3. I agree that these are a mixed bag. I love the formula of these, but I feel like some colours I picked (Bulletproof Beige & Tempting Turquoise) are far better than others (Paranoid Purple), which just seemed a little darker than I expected. I love the shadow sticks though, just coz they are so easy to use! :)


  4. Good review! I have heard mixed reviews as well, but I guess you don't know until you try them! I might just have to buy one and see :)

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  5. Ms Jelena - Oh that's a shame your not happy with them. Hopefully after playing around with them you'll like it a bit more :)

    MM- YES! I hate when there's no testers. It makes it so much harder to decide on colours.

    Melanie- I just bought a bright colour, so I'm interested to see how different it is. It seems like the bold colours seem to be a bit more hit and miss

    Mel- It's worth at least buying one to try it out yourself :)

    Makeup & Henna- It's a great wearable colour, even though it's only brown :)